Thursday, August 20, 2009

What do you think of these?

I picked up another neat game that has tiles that are the same size as scrabble tiles but each is supposed to be a playing card! Kiera and I were fooling around trying to make some scrabble tile earrings and I made the above! Of course she made me put them on and so I took off my real gold earrings that I wear all the time and were an expensive gift from my husband, put them down in the mess of stuff we were playing with, spotted them a half hour or so later and moved them so they wouldn't get lost. Next morning....uh-oh! Where are they??? I finally found them on the kitchen window sill, just behind my toothpick holder....wheh! what a relief!
Anyway, I'm going to try and get some going for the market on Saturday. It is raining buckets again right now but we are looking at a good forecast for Saturday. Glad I got the veggies and raspberries picked earlier today!
Let's hope they're right for a change!


Anonymous said...

I think they are ACE !! lol ... seriously i love them, clever and fun earrings and beautifully made
hugs June xxx

vintagesusie said...

Love these little tiles...what a cute pair of earrings! I've completed my 1st round of domino's, I think I have some pics of them on my sidebar in the fliker link. Now I'm just trying to find the perfect necklace...ribbon, ball chain or plain, so many choices! Have a great week!