Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unexpected Surprise Today

Meet my mom Betty! 89 years old and very much alive and healthy but has suffered with dementia for a number of years and has very little short term and long term memory. She is in need of round the clock care, she loves to wander, even in the middle of the night! She's such a sweetie.......a gentle, friendly soul, the staff and residents of the nursing home just love her !

........I went to the nursing home this afternoon, not realizing they were enjoying the sunshine (thanks goodness!) out front and there was an assortment of farmyard animals in little pens and cages for them to visit with, pet, talk to, etc.! Mom was right in the thick of it, absorbed at looking at these little creatures.This is just wonderful for all the residents of the nursing home who mostly never get out of the building let alone see farm animals!

Of course the little bunnies and kittens were a hit, they could be held and passed around for the residents to cuddle and pet. The pig was another matter! Not too cuddly at all!

Click on the little collage picture below to get a better view. I was glad I took my camera with me, I usually forget. I won't bore you with all the pics I took, I just put a few together in the collage That ole piggy was having a snooze when I got there but later livened up. When it was time to go, the owner of Riverview Corral, where the animals came from, loaded up the cages in just the right order on the back of his truck.

This REALLY enlarges when you click on it. Enjoy the animals & my mama!


Susan said...

what a great great post! Lovely to see Aunti Bet enjoying the animals!

The Magpie said...

Hey Lucy, Really enjoyed this post of Aunty Betty, love that little lady...she looks like she is really enjoying all the animals. What is it about animals that the elderly seem so fascinated by, I guess it's the pure innocence of the soul's of these little creatures...:0)