Friday, August 14, 2009

2 Old Crows Live Here?

Ever see those signs? Two Old Crows Live Here? Well, these two hang around here in my yard and decided to perch on the deck this morning. They are pretty large, crows or ravens? Not sure, but they can make alot of noise too! I took this picture through the window so the screen kind of blurs it a bit.

Well, Marilyn and I are anxious to set up at the farmers' market but just look at this screen shot of the weather forecast! I think next week I will take a screen shot for the week and see what happens by the end of the week. We were previously looking at a high of 28C and sunshine all day for tomorrow's forecast. What a change!! Rain, rain, go away!

click to enlarge, if you really want to see a miserable forecast!

I escaped for a nice breakfast at Smitty's yesterday morning and a get together with my friends Leslie and Mona. We were discussing the upcoming RED BARN SALE held out at Leslie's twice a year. Lots of fun and tons of interesting things to buy. Here is the link to the site we use for our advertising of the sale. The Red Barn . There are some neat slide shows of the last sale to look at.
OK......I think I'll go and see if I can find a couple of garage sales while it is NOT raining! Have a great weekend!

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