Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Driving Lucy Crazy!

Well, it's Tuesday morning, but feels like Monday, since yesterday was a civic holiday here. I am a little bit crazy this morning! Have you ever been obsessed with finding something? Well, yesterday I took out my "new" camera, the one I bought a year ago because the old one that I use all the time is always hit and miss, especially with closeup pics.

I don't use the new one because I never could get the settings right for the closeups, but thought I'd try again. It seemed to work.......I could get in close enough without it telling me I'm too close and not working!

I couldn't wait to upload them to my computer but I couldn't find the cord! Now, this could wait, but I became obsessed with finding it and I had so many other things to do!! Yesterday is now today, I still haven't come across it and trying to carry on with other things, but keep getting distracted looking for that dang cord!

It's one of my mornings to do some listings for Ebay to be scheduled later in the day, so I am carrying on, looking for something interesting to list ....oh....how about those pretty little petit point pictures. Not where I thought they were....so on the hunt again! Forget it, I'll go to the doily stash and make a few easy listings! No time to iron linens right now.

I'm afraid to go out to the garden.........I think I'm going to find that I have alot of picking to do. That translates into time to pick, time to clean it all up and get it in the fridge or freezer....and maybe even there are enough little cukes to make a jar of pickles that we can eat in a few days...I don't mind that at all! I also don't mind eating the veggies and fruit, I just wish it would hop onto the table without the time involved getting it there! I'll give you a garden report later.

I've got to get over to visit mom too, plus package and mail what I've sold from last week on Ebay, not to mention the usual household chores, (I need to do roughly 1000 ten minute tidies) so I'll make this a quick post and leave you with this favorite of mine, turn on your speakers and enjoy.
Stand By Me, Playing for Change I love it! It gives me goosebumps!
.....and I know when I'm not looking that I will magically come across that cord and those pictures!
It is now after 10:00 p.m., I didn't do everything I set out to do today, but did get quite a bit accomplished and enjoyed a great supper that included freshly dug potatoes, along with green beans (the first picking), boneless skinless chicken breast fried up with a flour and seasoning coating and lots of fresh dill. The potatoes had lots of dill and chopped green onion from the garden, and of course the butter. The green beans are drained, a good spoon of butter and a clove or two of minced garlic are added and tossed around to flavor the beans, ..ooh is that good! Raspberries for dessert.

There was lots in the garden........not quite enough cukes to do up a quart, maybe tomorrow. The peas need picking, probably for the last time, that will be done in the a.m. I had help (for about 3.5 minutes) picking the raspberries. Kiera.......what a girl! She left me picking while she went looking for frogs. She loves frogs!

There are mosquitoes in the raspberry patch, you have to stop and swat now and then!

On the way to the rain barrel to check if any frogs were hanging around, she spotted this dragon fly resting on the patio. He was still there an hour later. Alive, just resting we think.

4 Pints of raspberries just being processed for the months ahead. Home canned raspberries are to die for! Very easy to do, I don't use a canner, just my dutch oven and a little baking cooling rack that fits nicely in the bottom. I like to do just a few at a time as I freeze some and we eat alot fresh. If you want to know how, let me know via email or a comment on this post.

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