Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday was very soggy!

It rained and rained for most of the day! The farmers market carried on, as alot of the vendors have canopies and people still came out, as the lady in charge told me later in the day. They apparently did very well, the half of the regular vendors that were there.

We are in for next week and hopefully the sun will shine!

Meanwhile, I ventured out to a couple of garage sales that were still on, not too much out there at all! But the good news is, I found the missing cord for my other camera! Just as expected, I just came across it in a most unlikely place when I wasn't looking for it! The first three pictures were on it, I'm pleased that I could finally take some closeups that worked!

Scrabble tile pendants

A couple of domino pendants

The above are rummy tile pendants, which are some of my favorite creations.

These are some dominoes that I am working on in fits and starts! I do a little bit here and there when I find some time.
Today I have just got to work on some Ebay. It is dreary and threatening rain again. The garden is very wet, but I'll get out there later today and hopefully find enough cucumbers to make some more dill pickles. We have already gobbled up 2 jars that I've made in the last week, and my grandson (20 yrs old) will be here for dinner today, he loves Nanny's dill pickles and can go through a jar himself. Kiera (8) will be here too.

She called me yesterday to see if she could come over. She said "I know you're not busy Nanny, because you didn't go to the market today"........Of course I said to come on over, so we had fun doing an assortment of things, she stayed for supper and by the time I took her home at 7:30, I was pretty well exhausted! I will be doing some things this morning that I planned on getting done yesterday. I am off to the laundry room to get some vintage linens washed so I can get them ironed, photographed and listed in the next couple of days. I have really not got much ambition for Ebay these days but I have alot of little stuff to get out the door so must carry on!

Have a great day all!

Just a little update...I've been racing around here trying to get as much done as I can before hubby gets back from golfing (in the rain, yes!). It is dull and drizzly and downright miserable out there although not really cold. I am quitting right now with trying to get some Ebay done. Pictures aren't turning out great, the listing service doesn't want to bulk upload pictures, the phone keeps ringing, and I don't feel I've accomplished a heck of alot, but I've made some progress. Now I think I am going to have to get some potatoes out of the muck in the garden! I don't have enough for supper! It is awful wet out there, so wet that we are growing a lovely crop of mushrooms in the lawn!!! Don't know if they're edible or not but won't take the chance!

Stepped out to the deck and took this picture. Click to enlarge and see those mushrooms!

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Marilyn said...

Your day sounds like mine both yesterday and today-this rain is just getting too much! We will all be on anti-depressants soon-LOL!! I had Rhianne (my almost 16 year old granddaghter) to sleep over and come to the market but we went to a few garage sales instead...not much our end either. We'll be in your neighborhood for supper at Lee and Elena's (my son and his wife for those that don't know live six doors down from Lucy with their three munchkins). Love the pics of the pendants! Are comments supposed to be this long? LOL!!