Wednesday, August 5, 2009


On Wednesday evenings I golf with two of my daughters and friend Maggie in a ladies' league. I'm known to be a bit of a dangerous driver of the golf cart. But I swear! I didn't mean to get so close as to somehow catch a piece of daughter Kris's golf shoe/foot under the wheel!

That is exactly what happened though, then I couldn't get the dang thing to go in reverse! Kris had her head bent down, her hair covering her face and making muffled noises......oh my! I was sure she was in terrible pain, even ready to pass out! I tried reverse, neutral, whatever! to get the cart off her foot! It was bizarre! It wouldn't budge!

Push, Maggie, PUSH!!!!

Maggie finally asks Kris if she's laughing or crying, she was pushing and couldn't see Kris's face either. Good news, she's having a laughing fit! And in the middle of it she says "blog this!" Of course that starts us all howling, but we're still trying to get the cart off of her foot. Finally, a really good push by both Kris and Maggie and the foot is free! You really had to be there!

And I have to tell you we had to do a re-enactment of the scene so we could take a picture with Kristine's spiffy new cel phone. It was funny but scary at first, I thought I'd really hurt her!

This is me driving cautiously past that big stretch limo..... we're now done golfing and going up to the restaurant to eat.........There was a huge fund raising tournament held at the club during the day, the limousine was there to pick up some of the golfers. Wow!....who did we miss climbing into that limo?

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