Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunshine Sunday

I am so happy this morning, the sun is shining!! It has been a dreary couple of days with grey, grey skies. We didn't do the market yesterday because of the threatening rain and I had a totally non-productive day for the most part, just couldn't get going!

We did go to a niece's wedding out in the country, even though it was cloudy, the temperature was pleasant enough. It was very nice, the wedding outside, reception and dinner in a huge tent.

I thought the little take home thankyou/souvenir was very inventive. Each place setting had one of these little containers of liquid honey to take home, with a thankyou from the bride and groom. What a great idea!

I am looking forward to having a phone chat with my cousin Sue this week. She is one of my cousins living in Oliver, BC. Below is a picture of some of the "ingredients" for a couple of small assemblages she was going to be working on. I can't wait to see them finished!


Click on the picture (any picture) to see larger, I just discovered that!!

I've got a really busy day ahead, now I'm full of ambition with the sun shining but I will likely be having some company, fitting in a visit to mom, pick the raspberries again (I've been keeping up with them so far, picking daily), along with other garden yummies. I got my first quart of dill pickles made on Thursday, we need just a little heat and I will be making around 5 quarts or more every couple of days. We are supposed to have sunshine all week, hope the weatherman is right for a change. !!

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