Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dolly and Mabel - Painter's Retreat

I love this beautiful collage painting done by my talented cousin Sue. She is out in British Columbia in wine country and this is one of her creations. She called it Painter's Retreat. I'm not sure exactly how it is done, but a combination of acrylic painting and photo transfers using old family photos and other images that are copied/printed on transparencies and transferred to the painted surface of the canvas. A beautiful collage, I love the distressed look of the photo and the choice of colors. I was having a phone visit and we were talking about artsy stuff and I asked if she minded me posting some of her work. She doesn't mind so I thought I'd give you this bit of eye candy. It is my favorite!
This is an old photo of her husband Pete's mother Dolly, on the right, and Aunt Mabel in the background. We are guessing that this was one of those studio portraits, where they have the props and you pose for the picture. At first I was thinking OMG! Dolly was an artist too!..... but realized this must be "make believe" .
A closeup of the lovely Dolly
There's beautiful Mabel. I would think, but don't know for sure, that the picture was taking in the 1920's......? Sue? do you know?


Susan said...

This is still one of my favourite pictures. This one was taken in the 30s. Thanks for posting!

The Magpie said...

Yes Susan is very talented, she has done several painting's, some of which have been sold in a local Fruit Winery. What I love about this painting in particular is the fact that these two beautiful women have a direct connection to Susan's family. Bravo! little sista!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Lucy for your lovely comments on my Dezinaworld blog. I have a creative blog also which is here
I am glad i came by to thank you as i am knocked out by your beautiful canvas's I love the designs and colours and the destressed and faded look of them. wonderful art Lucy !!!
I am currently working on a mixed media collage canvas but time is what i am short of lol
hugs June x

Lucy said...

Thankyou June, the artist is my cousin Susan, I will be posting a few of her wonderful works of art!! I'm going to look at your other blog as soon as I get a minute, time is short for me too! constantly!!!

vintagesusie said...

This painting is amazing & I love the use of this family picture! These women are really pretty & the setting thy're in...truly a treasure!!