Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a beautiful setting for our garage sale!

You can click to enlarge any of the pictures in the posts. The pictures are quite big when you do so,... I think I'd better re-set my camera!
Well, tomorrow I'll be up bright and early and headed to my friend Mona's for the big garage sale. I went there this afternoon to set up and only took a few pictures inside, it was still kind of cluttered up, so I'll get a few more pictures tomorrow.
Meanwhile.............Mona has one of the greenest thumbs around and her yard is just gorgeous! I took a few pictures of her flowers, will try and get more tomorrow too, she has some great displays in other parts of her yard.

This side bed would have been at its peak a couple of weeks ago, but it has a lovely mix of perennials and annuals to keep it going into the fall.

A planter Mona had custom made, it is made of rebar (spelling?), you know that heavy metal bumpy rod they put in with concrete for roads, driveways, etc?....Parsley and geraniums, an unusual but stunning combination.

Beautiful lilies!

This planter is HUGE, and always brimming with an assortment of colors.

A little piece of her deck, that's her own handpainting on the bench and the old boiler underneath.

She sure knows how to put together the colors and textures.

CLICK TO ENLARGE, just a few odd pics, more when I catch up in the next couple of days.

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