Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weeding 101

I ended up weeding in the flowerbed today, (see my post below, from this morning) then got busy with Kiera, our grandaughter over so never did get into the veggie garden. Still got a couple hours daylight, ...we'll see......
Don't wait til the weeds are so big and plentiful that you need a wheelbarrow to cart them away!

If you can possibly find this neat tool, get one!! You poke it in beside the weed, push the handle down towards the ground and it lifts up the weed by the roots, good for those hard to pull weeds. I got that thistle, no problem!

I bought this years ago and always watch at garage sales for another one for daughter Sherri as she tells me she can't find one in the garden stores, etc. ...I actually had one in my hand at a garage sale a few weeks ago, was asking how much it was and had it ripped out of my hands by the lady who was having the garage sale! "I'm not selling that!! My dad must have put it in there"....she had her mom and dad helping out and this was in a box of various garden tools....She was not ready to give it up! I thought I'd scored! ..oh well, one will turn up again eventually!

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vintagesusie said...

OK, do you have a big enough YARD??? If I had to weed that yard I would get overwhemled before I even started, but oh, your's gorgeous!