Monday, August 17, 2009

My froggy friend

One of my froggy friends. This sweet frog/toad was acquired a number of years ago and despite his broken leg, manages to look quite happy sitting in the birdbath surveying my flower garden and yard. He starts out on a rock below the birdbath, but when he starts to be hidden by the spreading pansies or petunias, he gets moved up to his main summer residence. Isn't he cute?
I took the picture last week on a very cloudy overcast day. Cloudy days are supposed to be great for outside picture taking. No shadows!

Hey that's me! The Hurrier I go the Behinder I Get, or so it seems!! Cute little sampler I'm listing on Ebay today.

Today is really lousy as far as the weather. Drizzle right now and it's not very warm either. I have to get into the garden regardless and check on the cukes. I know I've lost alot of raspberries this weekend. They ripen and fall to the ground! It's been to rainy, except for last evening when of course the sun came out for the last couple of hours of the day but so did the mosquitoes. I was busy right then anyway. When I get some time I'll show you some pictures of what I was up to. It has something to do with a HULA HOOP!

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vintagesusie said...

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog & leave your sweet comment. I had to stop by & say hi to you! Your blog is lovely & your crafts are very fun, I like the pendants made from the different game tiles. I too make domino pendants & sell them at my little shop here in Crestline, Ca. Have a fun day & stay dry, it sounds like your getting some rain, but that's why your pics are so beautiful & GREEN!!!