Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm behind, here's partly why!

Rain, rain, but you still gotta get it out of the garden. Potatoes are huge, carrots are disgusting, too much rain and the potatoes are starting to rot some!!

This translated into 8 quarts of dills with enough left to make a batch of bread and butter pickles, was busy on a rainy day yesterday!

The sun was shining for the farmers market and we did well. Here is Marilyn on the right with her daughter Stacey, center, Grandaughter Rhianne, left, and in the stroller grandaughter Peyton. They were shopping for a new bonnet for Peyton.

There's a little area at the side of Pineridge Hollow with a few farm animals for the kids to look at. This goat loved his perch high and dry above his pen!

The king of the castle!!

These 2 pot bellied pigs were not so high and dry. They were wallowing, and I mean wallowing in the muck! I'm sure they loved it!! DON'T FORGET TO CLICK TO ENLARGE , on any of the pics, gives a much better view!

Got to get going, quickie post today. Preparing for the Vintage Ladies Garage Sale, this week at friend Mona's. More later on that but sadly we will miss going to the farmers market this weekend and they are having a special customer appreciation day with activities for the children and lots of fun going on!. The original date was , what else.....rained out! Get back to this bloggie later!

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Susan said...

You are having too much fun! I see that Red Barn is having the sale! Would love to come! Thanks for the dill pickle recipe! Will be in touch with the results!!!