Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching up before I head south of the border!

This will be a very busy week, a little more so than usual. We are having a family reunion next weekend, and starting off, one of my British Columbia cousins is already here and we are heading for a fun girlie getaway, south of the border, down Grand Forks, ND way!.........
Debbie, my BC cuz, came in a bit earlier so we're taking advantage and doing  this fun trip with her mom, sister, my sister and a friend.
We're leaving in the a.m. (Monday), back Tuesday evening........I can't wait!! We're gonna have FUN!!
Meanwhile, a few pictures I took on Wednesday, haven't got around to posting them til now.

Wednesday is golf night for me, and I have to cross the river to get to the course, which is only 15 minutes away. Coming home as I was getting off of the highway, facing west, the sun was a big PINK ball! I couldn't get parked at the riverside fast enough to capture it, but took these shots as it was sinking behind the trees.
This is only a couple of minutes from my home, I pass by the river almost every time I'm going somewhere. It always is a pretty sight!

Turn my head to the left and take a little zoom shot, there's the bridge I cross, and down the river is downtown Winnipeg!

I turned around and facing towards the East, there was the moon!...The sun was just about down and the moon was high in the sky already!

Golf night was so much fun as usual!
Daughter Kris, didn't quite make it to the island green that we have to deal she is fishing out her ball from the reeds at the edge of the water........We did the back nine and there's a fair amount of water to deal with and I'm proud to say I didn't lose ONE ball to the water this time!! Cleared it every time!!
There's our crazy gal, Maggie! She keeps us laughing for all 9 holes!
I had a narrow escape from the water here..........I thought for sure my ball was going for a swim!

The mosquitoes didn't get too bad til the end as it started to get dusky and we were lucky to have an evening without rain, which has been almost a daily happening around here lately!

On to Friday, Saturday and garage and yard sales........
nothing to write home about......I did get a few goodies, nothing fantastic, but I was pleased. I didn't go too far or stay out too long, so who knows what treasures I may have missed!
Well, have a good week, I'll get back here as soon as I can and tell you about our fun trip!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Those cheeky bunnies, yard and garden update

Just a little update on what's going on around the back yard. I hope to take a picture each week of my big flower bed, so you can see the progress. We have such a short summer season and it's amazing really how quickly the plants and flowers grow!

The little chair I was hunting for and found last week, is now placed in the flowerbed, along with the old kiddies; wheelbarrow and a few other favorites.
I went back to the greenhouse and bought MORE flowers to transplant, the bunnies ate all the petunias and pansies that were in the flowerbed! I will miss those favorites this year, and hopefully the marigolds, dianthus, portulaca and zinnias I picked up and planted will give me the splashes of color that I want.

Look carefully at the above can click to enlarge.....just above left of the wheelbarrow....
caught in the act!!!!!! bent over who knows what floral delicacy!
......little bugger!.......I had just chased him away  5 minutes before and he headed for the bush!
Now he's following the the GARDEN......
Check and see if the coast is clear.......
..........he's just waiting to get at what's left of that lettuce.......cheeky bunny!...and there was another one in the garden at that point too that scurried off when I was approaching!
We've had so much rain, the mosquitoes are getting really b-a-d......! I wish the rabbits would change their diet and eat the mosquitoes!

Garage Sale Goodies and water bombs, weekend fun!

I managed to bring home some goodies again this past weekend. Oddly, I started out to a sale in the country  and didn't take the house number, assuming there would be signs.

No signs, so detoured into a little town nearby and ended up finding these adorable embroidered day of the week teatowels plus a few other items including the bakers rack in the background! I drove back to my original destination, ....finally a sign was posted.........GARAGE SALE CANCELLED.........!!  OK.......back to town!
There were LOTS of garage sales in town! I'm not showing absolutely everything, but I did well! Lovely depression glass vase, more linens, some brass hardware, a whole bag of old apron and doll clothes patterns (to sell), some jewelery items, and that not so old peignoir set that I bought for 2.00 just because it will look pretty hanging in the guest bedroom when ever I clean my junk  treasures out of there and get it together!

A few bits and pieces, I put the rest away before I took this picture
My detour find.........I was thrilled!...I can finally take my laptop off of the kitchen table..........$15.00.

.......not an expensive piece to begin with but that was still a bargain and worked perfectly for me! That nice old chair beside it we've had for years and years! I love it and am sitting in it right now, pecking away at the keyboard.

On to some fun and games! Do you know what Kiera, my grandaughter  is holding?........a balloon filled with water.....she decided that we should have a balloon water bomb fight!
Did you know that 1 gallon of water weighs 10 lbs?..........that's a fact! She is holding a 6 lb water bomb. We were having fun chasing eachother around the yard, but then ended up deciding to launch the bomb from the top of the deck, while the "bomb-eee" stood at the bottom......we crashed them onto the patio so that the "bomb-eee" wouldn't get drenched, but just well splashed when the bomb exploded!
LOL......what fun!...
well.........not the part that includes mopping up the bathroom from premature explosions.........they were being filled in the bathroom because that's where the scale is.....
...that's a 6 pounder and a 4 pounder.....she started marking the weight on them!
......that child never did play with dolls much at all!
I'll be back with an update on my flowerbed & bunny situation.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Great old cabinet and update on the robins' nests

This old storage cabinet is in the garage, each drawer filled with various hand tools....wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, all that "guy stuff".....
I could sure use it for storing MY stuff!
I don't even know where it came from........
It's at least 6 feet tall and has scads of drawers! 26 in all, and some missing in the bottom

old wood knobs, some have been replaced .....I would love to have it but he just won't give it up!
Remember my post on the multiple robins' nests built under my deck?
6 RoBiN'S NESTS IN A ROW!!! Under my deck!
Well,, they are still vacant!

Those robins are still around though......I can hear them constantly.......I hear them singing all day long!
I took this picture last week, today it is RAINING AGAIN!
I have lots to do though, so I'll keep busy inside. Tomorrow? GARAGE SALES......YIPPEE!
Wish me luck and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunset and I LOVE own, that onions from my garden

I still have more yardwork to do today, I didn't quite get finished with the flowerbed. We had a beautiful day for a change and a lovely sunset!

The garden is not doing all that well, but I did pick my first green onions yesterday while I was out there.
I love onions! ....I love all kinds, but there is nothing more tasty than green onions from the garden.
 Each year, I wait for them to be big enough to pull, while sneaking off the greens and munching on them!
I cleaned 'em up, wrapped them in a damp paper towel and put them in a plastic bag to get them nice and crunchy. ..........(those white marks are from HAIL......) I leave the whole green part on them.....
'cause I eat it all, yum, yum, crunch, crunch....
I kid you not,  I have to get more from the garden today..... I ate at least 8 or 9 last night, and that much again just now with a delicious salami on fresh rye bread sandwich. LOL..there are only 3 left!
Well, lunch is history, better get some ebay parcels in the mail and then back at the yardwork. It may just rain within the next 24 hours......
Have a great day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where is that little chair I put in the flowerbed?

Do you see that shabby little vintage child's adirondack chair in the middle of my flowerbed? I know, you can hardly see it..This is a picture taken in summer 2008........I place that little chair usually somewhere in the flowerbed . Most times it ends up almost hidden by the end of July!
As I was working away planting my flowers this morning, I remembered I had to leave a space for that little chair.
Which made me go searching for it. I thought I'd stored it in the little red barn storage there!

Well, I remember putting it somewhere where it would be protected from the elements, maybe under the deck..........
aack! what a mess!
Waaaay too much stuff in there piled up, alot we never use, and just store, just in case, you know......
Husband had been wanting to get at some bits of lumber way at the back and some other things and started shuffling things around.........
Well, at least I found it! See it? ...underneath and behind all that STUFF!
It's going to take me half an hour to move all matter of things outside the door so I can get at it!
Too hot and sticky today........maybe tonight? I'll take a good picture of it when I get it dug out of there.

Well, I have the camera out so will take a couple of shots of work in progress.

You know, I never plan my flowerbed. I just buy what I like, keeping in mind short and tall, and then just start plunking them in wherever!  I love a mixture of color! I'm never disappointed.
Hoping that in another month it will have filled out and bloomed enough to make it look as happy as my 2008 flowers.

Or my 2009 flowerbed.......
Meanwhile, at the back of the yard........needs some tidying there too....always wanted to do something with this old iron bed........have the head and foot of it.....have you ever seen a flower "bed" .....I'd need the space in the veggie garden to do it up proper......
What's this doing just laying on the ground?....Have to get it propped up and do something creative with it.

A patch of ornamental grass, it's finally amounting to something pretty! Don't ever plant in the flower bed without containing is like a very BAD weed once it gets going!

This little guy never stops working! I plunked those chives in there a couple of years ago and he just keeps on pushing them around in his wheelbarrow! In the shade and seldom, actually closer to never...watered, those chives still survive! I've been trying to rid my flower bed of them for the last few years and I still get them coming up there too!
Well,enough of a break for me, I should really go back to the greenhouse for a couple of things so I'll be ready to get back at it after supper when it cools off a bit.
Have a great day, no matter what you're doing!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vintage PINK Garage Sale Goodies!

I did well again! I had found the Kromex spice set at the thrift shop on Thursday,..... walked in and there they were! Must have just been put out! I couldn't pick them up fast enough!
I see the odd set here and there with the black tops, but PINK!!! Wow
Seeing as my walls in my kitchen are a pumpkin color, these will be ebay bound!
If you wish hard enough?....Well, once I had found the spice set, I was really wishing I had a desirable vintage tablecloth with pinks! We hardly ever find nice American made tablecloths here where I live in Canada, they have to have been a gift or brought back from a holiday in the USA.
Found the "Chicken Today Feathers Tomorrow" tablecloth at a garage sale Saturday a.m.
Love it!

My luck held! A gorgeous fluffy PINK vintage chenille bedspread, and a lighter weight AQUA one...both in excellent condition! I get so excited when I find a nice chenille, as that doesn't happen too often either! I'm on a lucky streak!A few more trinkets, love those big old buttons!

I also picked up a couple of pairs of lovely pillowcases, which I'm washing right now. Haven't found any nice vintage pillowcases for a long while!........a few other linens, some vintage kitchen items....a variety.

I just missed out  on the most fabulous old white wicker rocker and a very old...early 1900's dress form! I specifically went to a sale early as it was one I'd been to a few weeks back and the lady was having another one and  said she would have her linens out by then. Well, no linens, although she will phone me, and I was probably 5 minutes later than the lady who got the rocker and the dress form, plus more!

Nobody else came along all the time I was there poking around after the that lady loaded up and left!
Well, that's ok, I've had my share of good luck and I do own a very wonderful old dress form, but I sure would have loved the rocker, it was a unique one!
I'll try to get some pictures up of my other "junque"......

Oh yeah!..........My last post showed  the flowers I'd picked up at the greenhouse and they were sitting just outside the back garage door. I went to do some transplanting today and discovered that one of the bunnies that's been hanging around the garden has decided he/she likes petunias and pansies!
They were eaten down to a bit of stem and leaves! ...grrrrrrrrrhhhhhh!
Have a fun week!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday already and a trip to the greenhouse

$85.00 later.........a few tomato plants and flowers for the back flower bed and the leftovers for some pots!
I did splurge (19.95) for the little urn that's been planted and I can just put out.
That big flower bed in the back is getting full of weeds from all the rain! Got the front beds done, but left this one and it keeps raining! Good news is the perennials got bigger so I won't be putting my flowers in too close to them and having them hidden in another couple of weeks!
The garden looks pathetic! Too much rain, it washed alot of my seedlings away. Oh well, I'm usually amazed at what becomes of it regardless by the first or second week of July. I'm missing my lettuce though, it didn't come up too well and the rabbits have been enjoying it lately! I replanted, so we'll see!

I'm looking forward to tomorrows' garage sales, there are so many street sales and community sales, I don't know where I'm going to go first! I'm hoping for my good luck finding treasures will still be with me!
Have a great weekend and good luck to the other treasure hunters out there!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I don't think I'll golf this evening

I look forward to my Wednesday night golf (look at the fun we have in this post from last summer) with my daughter Kristine and friend Maggie. Last Wednesday night was picture perfect, a beautiful calm evening, perfect for golfing.
Different story this week, wet, rainy, they say tonight will be cloudy with sunny periods, but the course is probably soggy and it won't be too warm.

I just may not go, but happy I took my camera last week.....sometimes we have to shoo the geese families out of our way. The gosslings are growing up so fast! I didn't have my camera when they were just little balls of fluff!
too cute!

There we are, Kris on the left, Maggie at center and lil ole me. Our 4th couldn't make it last week.
Looking forward to a summer of fun Wednesday nights, but maybe not tonight!
Focus, focus.......I can't seem to focus on any one thing on this rainy day, I hate when that happens and you have a whole day ahead of you that you can spend at home!
Well, maybe I'll go iron some pretty linens, that might get me going!
Have a great day!