Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunset and I LOVE Onions.....my own, that is....green onions from my garden

I still have more yardwork to do today, I didn't quite get finished with the flowerbed. We had a beautiful day for a change and a lovely sunset!

The garden is not doing all that well, but I did pick my first green onions yesterday while I was out there.
I love onions! ....I love all kinds, but there is nothing more tasty than green onions from the garden.
 Each year, I wait for them to be big enough to pull, while sneaking off the greens and munching on them!
I cleaned 'em up, wrapped them in a damp paper towel and put them in a plastic bag to get them nice and crunchy. ..........(those white marks are from HAIL......) I leave the whole green part on them.....
'cause I eat it all, yum, yum, crunch, crunch....
I kid you not,  I have to get more from the garden today..... I ate at least 8 or 9 last night, and that much again just now with a delicious salami on fresh rye bread sandwich. LOL..there are only 3 left!
Well, lunch is history, better get some ebay parcels in the mail and then back at the yardwork. It may just rain within the next 24 hours......
Have a great day!

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Susan HP said...

Ohhhhhh, salami is my ABSOLUTE favorite, and your rye bread looks like really good German bread.
Have fun with those onions! :)
p.s. your sunset is gorgeous!