Sunday, May 2, 2010

6 RoBiN'S NESTS IN A ROW!!! Under my deck!

Amazing! Last week (Sunday) I noticed the scant beginnings of 2 nests on the beam under our deck. We are usually host to one family of robins each year.
Yesterday, Saturday, after the rain ended I took a walk around the yard and was shocked to see six nests, almost completed, lined up on the beam!
Row housing for robins? !!!

I have never seen the robins make nests with the long grasses hanging. They are usually nice and neat and made more of tiny twigs and bits of skinny straw type grass. Peeking through the deck boards I can see they still need some lining and have seen a pair of robins going back and forth with bits of nesting material in their beaks. I thought at first I might be hosting some very strange bird families, not robins!
The above are last year's robin family...........I'll keep you posted on what goes on in the nests this year!

I was still looking at the nests when this little guy came scooting around the corner, spotted me, and went for the nearest hiding place. I kept still and got a few great shots.
I was so still, he pranced right past me within a foot of my foot, across the yard to the neighbor's.
so guess what I see ?
Hop Hop Hop........
I had the camera in hand so got this shot!
I figured luck was with me, so ventured to the back of the yard to see if the geese were close by........

Yep....! Those two have been nesting in the field just behind our yard.
I wonder how long before I will see them leading their family on a walk!
Have a great week!


vintagesusie & wings said...

Oh, I'm sooooooo silly!!! No, I didn't see this post & how could I have missed it? These photos are awesome as usual!!!! The baby robins in their nest, sooooo cute & that little fellow in your rain gutter, how did you capture that moment??? Yesterday Hubby & I were out on an evening drive when we saw a baby bear rummaging through some trash in someones yard. We pulled up into the driveway & just sat & watched for a good 10 minutes. The baby bear seemed unaware of us & just kept looking for food, finally a loud car came around the corner & scared it. It ran over to a tree right next to the car & stood up, leaning against it looking right at us, then slowly meandered into the forest. It was soooooo cool, but guess who didn't have a purse or a camera??? That's me, I never catch great moments like that on film. At least I have a sweet memory of it though, right?
Hugs Friend,

Anonymous said...

I will sleep well after looking at these beautiful photos, thank you Lucy :) if you agree, I will add a link to my nigeArt blog with Jo's pic (I'm modifying, it's closed for about 2 or 3 days). Have golden dreams too :)