Friday, June 4, 2010

Last weekend's haul, almost! More of my Garage Sale finds!

Well, we're going into another weekend so thought I'd post some more pictures of my great haul from last week. If you missed those posts you really should go look. You now know why I didn't mind wading through the water up to my knees into a few garages to get these goodies, so much really GOOD treasure! A couple other things I put in the picture that I had previously found.
I can't even show ALL of it, there's more jewellery, more linens, some lovely Royal Albert bone china cream sugar sets and cups and saucers, and some different odds and ends.
I actually just picked up the "doyley" keeper this afternoon at the one and only garage sale I went to today. Just fit into this picture perfectly! A beautiful lacey tablecloth, and above it a whitework linen one! Some of the doilies I got, not all, the rest are in the laundry basket.

These were not from the garage sales, but I got them a couple of weeks ago at a thrift shop and forgot about them. They surfaced when I was moving things around to arrange for taking the pictures, still in the bag.
Handmade smocked satin pillow/cushion covers with RHINESTONES...!   It must have been a sign of things to come!

So! Had to spread out that victorian beaded applique in the front, even though I bought that at the antique sale I was in, I hadn't shown a picture of it laid out..
Alot, but not all of the jewellery from last week,.......... some minty bone china roses bouquets, keepers....Royal Winton chintz sauce/gravy pitcher with stand........ a most gorgeous pale green with pink rose Royal Albert china cup and saucer. The picture in the background...$3.00... is a Gozzard print in the most gorgeous minty gesso frame, I'm gonna keep this one.

The lace tablecloth I also got last weekend too and just draped it over the corner of the picture
Honestly! Don't think I always get these kinds of goodies at garage sales. There is many a week that I drive around for 2 or 3 hours and come home with nothing!

I put most of the rhinestone earrings and pins into this nice old jewellery box.....
Got this nice shawl at the thrift shop, I just liked it very much!
Old lidded picnic last purchase in the rain last Saturday. Great for storing "stuff !"

Well, ...rain......and hail......this afternoon.  Took this out of the window, but should have had a video camera, it was pounding down and the hail was just a-dancin'! That is white hail on the garden, although it was only mothball size and melted promptly

I was going to put out some petunias in the flower bed this morning, I'm glad I didn't! They may not have liked getting pounded by the hail!
As I'm posting this, the sun is out and the sky is blue and it's going on for 9 pm.....forecast is rain on and off tomorrow, so we'll see.........
I'm hoping for at least hitting a few garage sales, wondering if my luck has run out!
Have a great weekend!


Chris Arlington said...

Wow what good treasures you found! I love the smocked pillow cases. I had forgotten all about smocking till I saw those. The old jewellery and the Royal Dalton roses EVERYTHING is fabulous Thanks for sharing.

Susan HP said...

WOW! When you said you got a "haul", you certainly meant it!
It's all unbelievable wonderful!!!

Tamarah said...

Hi Lovey.... :o) !!

It's raining here too though as we're in drought I'm NOT going to complain....I'll just make sure I have my umbrella at the Market in the morning....!

Your Treasures are MAGNIFICENT but I know what you mean when you say you can drive around for hours & not find anything....Probably just as well really....Could you imagine our homes if we found HEAPS of stuff ALL the time....hahahahaha....That doesn't really even bare imagining does it....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Debby said...

WOW!!! You have found so many gorgeous treasures, they are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh man I never find anything, I have kind of given up on garage sales, but you proved....You never know!


Anonymous said...

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wish you a very nice day