Monday, June 14, 2010

Where is that little chair I put in the flowerbed?

Do you see that shabby little vintage child's adirondack chair in the middle of my flowerbed? I know, you can hardly see it..This is a picture taken in summer 2008........I place that little chair usually somewhere in the flowerbed . Most times it ends up almost hidden by the end of July!
As I was working away planting my flowers this morning, I remembered I had to leave a space for that little chair.
Which made me go searching for it. I thought I'd stored it in the little red barn storage there!

Well, I remember putting it somewhere where it would be protected from the elements, maybe under the deck..........
aack! what a mess!
Waaaay too much stuff in there piled up, alot we never use, and just store, just in case, you know......
Husband had been wanting to get at some bits of lumber way at the back and some other things and started shuffling things around.........
Well, at least I found it! See it? ...underneath and behind all that STUFF!
It's going to take me half an hour to move all matter of things outside the door so I can get at it!
Too hot and sticky today........maybe tonight? I'll take a good picture of it when I get it dug out of there.

Well, I have the camera out so will take a couple of shots of work in progress.

You know, I never plan my flowerbed. I just buy what I like, keeping in mind short and tall, and then just start plunking them in wherever!  I love a mixture of color! I'm never disappointed.
Hoping that in another month it will have filled out and bloomed enough to make it look as happy as my 2008 flowers.

Or my 2009 flowerbed.......
Meanwhile, at the back of the yard........needs some tidying there too....always wanted to do something with this old iron bed........have the head and foot of it.....have you ever seen a flower "bed" .....I'd need the space in the veggie garden to do it up proper......
What's this doing just laying on the ground?....Have to get it propped up and do something creative with it.

A patch of ornamental grass, it's finally amounting to something pretty! Don't ever plant in the flower bed without containing is like a very BAD weed once it gets going!

This little guy never stops working! I plunked those chives in there a couple of years ago and he just keeps on pushing them around in his wheelbarrow! In the shade and seldom, actually closer to never...watered, those chives still survive! I've been trying to rid my flower bed of them for the last few years and I still get them coming up there too!
Well,enough of a break for me, I should really go back to the greenhouse for a couple of things so I'll be ready to get back at it after supper when it cools off a bit.
Have a great day, no matter what you're doing!


Ticking and Toile said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I am drooling all over my keyboard! Your gardens are beyond amazing! LOVE that red little barn! Your beds look just gorgeous ~ can't believe you don't do any planning.....Great work!


Susan HP said...

Your garden is to die for!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!
I don't know that I could dream a garden as nice. Oh, and Mr. Gnome is fabulous! :)

peggy gatto said...

you are my type of gardener!!!!
pretty and fun!!!
great pictures!
my gnome has a lawn mower!

vintagesusie & wings said...

OMG..that was the cutest post!!! It just made me smile & I couldn't wait to find out what was happening next. I know your garden is going to be superb because it looks like it ALWAYS is!!! Coming someday soon to stay in your HUGE YARD!!!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow! what lovely flowers!

Diane@InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Lucy-

Wow, you are quite the gardener, both your thumbs must be green! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I never would have come up with the canning jar tops - they would be perfect. Thanks for sharing the tip.
I also love what you found at the Yard sale - the pink spice jars - cute.
My best-

Chris Arlington said...

What a fabulous gardener you are! I love your sunset photo. wow! I love green onions with lots of sour cream. It's the only thing I can plant in pot that my cats won't nibble. LOL said...

What an amazing blooming bed!! That is gorgeous!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I love this glimpse into your life! I also love that you never plan your garden out ~ random creativity is the way to go! Beautiful garden photos ~ especially the gnome! Blessings sweet Lucy!