Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vintage PINK Garage Sale Goodies!

I did well again! I had found the Kromex spice set at the thrift shop on Thursday,..... walked in and there they were! Must have just been put out! I couldn't pick them up fast enough!
I see the odd set here and there with the black tops, but PINK!!! Wow
Seeing as my walls in my kitchen are a pumpkin color, these will be ebay bound!
If you wish hard enough?....Well, once I had found the spice set, I was really wishing I had a desirable vintage tablecloth with pinks! We hardly ever find nice American made tablecloths here where I live in Canada, they have to have been a gift or brought back from a holiday in the USA.
Found the "Chicken Today Feathers Tomorrow" tablecloth at a garage sale Saturday a.m.
Love it!

My luck held! A gorgeous fluffy PINK vintage chenille bedspread, and a lighter weight AQUA one...both in excellent condition! I get so excited when I find a nice chenille, as that doesn't happen too often either! I'm on a lucky streak!A few more trinkets, love those big old buttons!

I also picked up a couple of pairs of lovely pillowcases, which I'm washing right now. Haven't found any nice vintage pillowcases for a long while!........a few other linens, some vintage kitchen items....a variety.

I just missed out  on the most fabulous old white wicker rocker and a very old...early 1900's dress form! I specifically went to a sale early as it was one I'd been to a few weeks back and the lady was having another one and  said she would have her linens out by then. Well, no linens, although she will phone me, and I was probably 5 minutes later than the lady who got the rocker and the dress form, plus more!

Nobody else came along all the time I was there poking around after the that lady loaded up and left!
Well, that's ok, I've had my share of good luck and I do own a very wonderful old dress form, but I sure would have loved the rocker, it was a unique one!
I'll try to get some pictures up of my other "junque"......

Oh yeah!..........My last post showed  the flowers I'd picked up at the greenhouse and they were sitting just outside the back garage door. I went to do some transplanting today and discovered that one of the bunnies that's been hanging around the garden has decided he/she likes petunias and pansies!
They were eaten down to a bit of stem and leaves! ...grrrrrrrrrhhhhhh!
Have a fun week!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a haul! The salt shakers and bed spreads are to die for. Sorry your luck didn't hold out for the rocker!

Darn those bunnies!


Susan HP said...

You always find the best treasures!
I adore the aqua bedspread as well as the jewels.
Hope you have a great Monday, Lucy!

Tamarah said...

Oh DRAT that petunia pansy munching bunny....!!

At LEAST you still have your SERIOUSLY YUMMY Treasures....hahahahaha....!!

I LOVE them all ESPECIALLY the pink spice set & the buttons....I have about 10 of these buttons in similar designs....They ALWAYS make me smile....!

Have a GREAT week lovey....!

Tamarah :o)

Greatma said...

Thanks for stopping by and joining me on my blog!!! We do love the same things!!!! I look forward to stopping by often!! Antique Rose :-)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I would be arm wrestling you for that gorgeous pink tablecloth if we'd met at that same garage sale. Very excellent find!!! <3