Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I don't think I'll golf this evening

I look forward to my Wednesday night golf (look at the fun we have in this post from last summer) with my daughter Kristine and friend Maggie. Last Wednesday night was picture perfect, a beautiful calm evening, perfect for golfing.
Different story this week, wet, rainy, they say tonight will be cloudy with sunny periods, but the course is probably soggy and it won't be too warm.

I just may not go, but happy I took my camera last week.....sometimes we have to shoo the geese families out of our way. The gosslings are growing up so fast! I didn't have my camera when they were just little balls of fluff!
too cute!

There we are, Kris on the left, Maggie at center and lil ole me. Our 4th couldn't make it last week.
Looking forward to a summer of fun Wednesday nights, but maybe not tonight!
Focus, focus.......I can't seem to focus on any one thing on this rainy day, I hate when that happens and you have a whole day ahead of you that you can spend at home!
Well, maybe I'll go iron some pretty linens, that might get me going!
Have a great day!


Susan HP said...

Even though you can't golf tonight, how nice that you get to reminisce through these lovely photos.
I wish we had gosslings!
I did have to brake for a little black rabbit on my way to work this morning. :)

vintagesusie & wings said...

Miss Lucy,
I wish I liked to iron...I HATE it! I will purposely not buy a cute outfit if it needs ironing & you should see me in my wrinkled linen. I look like I just walked out of a laundry hamper. LOL
Maybe I can ship my ironing to you & you can ship it back...that won't cost too much, right?
Your pics are awesome as always friend. Here's to blue skies & sunshine.

Tamarah said...

Oh Lucy I haven't played golf in years....hahahaha....They used to call me 'Divot Girl'....NOT after the good divots either....!!

Your pics make me think I wouldn't mind walking a course again though....Especially if I could find one as pretty....!

Tamarah :o)