Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching up before I head south of the border!

This will be a very busy week, a little more so than usual. We are having a family reunion next weekend, and starting off, one of my British Columbia cousins is already here and we are heading for a fun girlie getaway, south of the border, down Grand Forks, ND way!.........
Debbie, my BC cuz, came in a bit earlier so we're taking advantage and doing  this fun trip with her mom, sister, my sister and a friend.
We're leaving in the a.m. (Monday), back Tuesday evening........I can't wait!! We're gonna have FUN!!
Meanwhile, a few pictures I took on Wednesday, haven't got around to posting them til now.

Wednesday is golf night for me, and I have to cross the river to get to the course, which is only 15 minutes away. Coming home as I was getting off of the highway, facing west, the sun was a big PINK ball! I couldn't get parked at the riverside fast enough to capture it, but took these shots as it was sinking behind the trees.
This is only a couple of minutes from my home, I pass by the river almost every time I'm going somewhere. It always is a pretty sight!

Turn my head to the left and take a little zoom shot, there's the bridge I cross, and down the river is downtown Winnipeg!

I turned around and facing towards the East, there was the moon!...The sun was just about down and the moon was high in the sky already!

Golf night was so much fun as usual!
Daughter Kris, didn't quite make it to the island green that we have to deal she is fishing out her ball from the reeds at the edge of the water........We did the back nine and there's a fair amount of water to deal with and I'm proud to say I didn't lose ONE ball to the water this time!! Cleared it every time!!
There's our crazy gal, Maggie! She keeps us laughing for all 9 holes!
I had a narrow escape from the water here..........I thought for sure my ball was going for a swim!

The mosquitoes didn't get too bad til the end as it started to get dusky and we were lucky to have an evening without rain, which has been almost a daily happening around here lately!

On to Friday, Saturday and garage and yard sales........
nothing to write home about......I did get a few goodies, nothing fantastic, but I was pleased. I didn't go too far or stay out too long, so who knows what treasures I may have missed!
Well, have a good week, I'll get back here as soon as I can and tell you about our fun trip!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Lucy ~
Your first photo is so stunningly gorgeous! I enjoyed reading about your golf experience, I always love that inside peek into blog friend's lives! Hope your trip is full of fun and good memories!
Blessings ~ Katie

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Such beautiful pictures Lucy and I also love the pictures in your previous post of your garden & that sneaky little bunny! :)

Hope you are all having the best time on your trip!
Love & Hugs, Carol Anne