Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A busy weekend, finds, country fair

I didn't go to many sales this last weekend, but managed to fill a box at an estate sale I found.
A few of the prettier things I found there, I couldn't resist that tray and mirror. They are so "like new".....and those hands, which someone made in a ceramics class...they will look nice displaying some pretty rings!
A little Wedgewood Jasperware trinket box and a pretty 40's silhouette.
We took our grandaughter Kiera to a country fair...."ChickenDaze"....we had a ball! They had chicken races, rides, barbeque, face painting, talent show...all that kind of fun, but it was a small town so the whole thing was in a small enough area, friendly people, just a really lovely atmosphere.
Kiera had been the day before with her mom and dad and wanted to go back. Those chickens were just being taken over to the "race track"......notice the egg?.......Kiera (9 yrs old) thought that the chicken shouldn't be racing just after giving birth!!!.....

I have been spending some time outside catching up with the yardwork and planting the flower beds. Can't wait til they fill in with color!
Well, off to the ironing board! Gotta get some more linens and doilies washed up and ironed and listed on Ebay!  Have a nice evening all!


Tamarah said...

A LOVELY bunch of finds Lucy....I especially LOVE the hands....GREAT for display & creating little vignettes....!!

Little Kiera looks adorable & I couldn't help but chuckle when I read, "...chicken shouldn't be racing just after giving birth" comment....From the mouths of babes indeed....!

Hope you're having a GREAT week lovey....'Talk' to you soon....!

Tamarah :o)

Susan HP said...

Love the hands & the mirror. Great finds!
The country fair sounds like so much fun and I'd love to see pics of your flower beds. Can never have too many flowers.
Hope you have a great day!

Chris Arlington said...

The little sleeping beauty looks like a Besse Peases Guttman artwork. My Mom had silhouette pictures like your find. My Dad met someone ( a long story) that's the last I saw of anything.