Monday, June 21, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies and water bombs, weekend fun!

I managed to bring home some goodies again this past weekend. Oddly, I started out to a sale in the country  and didn't take the house number, assuming there would be signs.

No signs, so detoured into a little town nearby and ended up finding these adorable embroidered day of the week teatowels plus a few other items including the bakers rack in the background! I drove back to my original destination, ....finally a sign was posted.........GARAGE SALE CANCELLED.........!!  OK.......back to town!
There were LOTS of garage sales in town! I'm not showing absolutely everything, but I did well! Lovely depression glass vase, more linens, some brass hardware, a whole bag of old apron and doll clothes patterns (to sell), some jewelery items, and that not so old peignoir set that I bought for 2.00 just because it will look pretty hanging in the guest bedroom when ever I clean my junk  treasures out of there and get it together!

A few bits and pieces, I put the rest away before I took this picture
My detour find.........I was thrilled!...I can finally take my laptop off of the kitchen table..........$15.00.

.......not an expensive piece to begin with but that was still a bargain and worked perfectly for me! That nice old chair beside it we've had for years and years! I love it and am sitting in it right now, pecking away at the keyboard.

On to some fun and games! Do you know what Kiera, my grandaughter  is holding?........a balloon filled with water.....she decided that we should have a balloon water bomb fight!
Did you know that 1 gallon of water weighs 10 lbs?..........that's a fact! She is holding a 6 lb water bomb. We were having fun chasing eachother around the yard, but then ended up deciding to launch the bomb from the top of the deck, while the "bomb-eee" stood at the bottom......we crashed them onto the patio so that the "bomb-eee" wouldn't get drenched, but just well splashed when the bomb exploded!
LOL......what fun!...
well.........not the part that includes mopping up the bathroom from premature explosions.........they were being filled in the bathroom because that's where the scale is.....
...that's a 6 pounder and a 4 pounder.....she started marking the weight on them!
......that child never did play with dolls much at all!
I'll be back with an update on my flowerbed & bunny situation.


Tamarah said...

Oh I LOVE those teatowels....How GORGEOUS ar they....???!!

I wish I'd been around when the balloon antics were afoot....I really do enjoy a good WB bombing.....hahahahah....!

Tamarah :o)

Chris Arlington said...

OMG! I remember learning to embroider on flour sack aprons my Mom made with these patterns. That was 55 years ago.

Maureen said...

I love the tea towells too! But, I would never use them :) too pretty.

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh my goodness Lucy, those Days of the Week towels are absolutely wonderful...what a fabulous find that was!!

Your granddaughter is a such a sweetie! I remember how very much my boys loved water balloons when they were little! I think about those days...such fun times!

Love & Hugs, Carol Anne