Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday already and a trip to the greenhouse

$85.00 later.........a few tomato plants and flowers for the back flower bed and the leftovers for some pots!
I did splurge (19.95) for the little urn that's been planted and I can just put out.
That big flower bed in the back is getting full of weeds from all the rain! Got the front beds done, but left this one and it keeps raining! Good news is the perennials got bigger so I won't be putting my flowers in too close to them and having them hidden in another couple of weeks!
The garden looks pathetic! Too much rain, it washed alot of my seedlings away. Oh well, I'm usually amazed at what becomes of it regardless by the first or second week of July. I'm missing my lettuce though, it didn't come up too well and the rabbits have been enjoying it lately! I replanted, so we'll see!

I'm looking forward to tomorrows' garage sales, there are so many street sales and community sales, I don't know where I'm going to go first! I'm hoping for my good luck finding treasures will still be with me!
Have a great weekend and good luck to the other treasure hunters out there!


vintagesusie & wings said...

Miss Lucy...
How big is your backyard??? It looks like a park! :)
I can come with my RV & camp there if you have hook-ups! LOL
Lovely flowers friend & have fun JUNKIN!!!

Tamarah said...

GOOD LUCK Treasure Hunting this weekend....I have my fingers crossed for you.... :o) !!

I LOVE your backyard & your barn though wouldn't want the weeding that goes with it.... :o) !!

Tamarah :o)

Chris Arlington said...

Absolutely stunning garden space. I do hope you have a ride on mower(lol)
You are obviously not in BC. Our weather has been the pits. Hot weekend promised. We'll see.

Susan HP said...

Your land looks fabulous! I think that wass $85 well spent. Those flowers are just gorgeous.
Have fun finding treasure!!!