Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today at the Red Barn Antiques Sale

No time to write much at the moment, but here is where Marilyn and I spent the day, the first day of the Red Barn Fall Sale I mentioned last week. Oh what goodies they have there at half the price of antique shops! Our customers were buying, buying, buying........china, glassware, furniture, rustic farm stuff, old gates and wooden boxes, quilts, ........I could go on and on!! We wrote receipts, and wrapped and helped take it to their cars and trucks. What fun!! We're going back on Sunday to help, the last day of the sale. Would love to be there each day but I'm behind in so many things I'd better stay home! Enjoy the show! (most shots taken before opening, then a few of things being piled up that were sold and the buyers were still shopping!)(a few outside shots taken too)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Audrey Hepburn for Sweet Sixteen

I gave these Audrey Hepburn altered dominoes and rummy tiles that I made to Marilyn's grandaughter at her Sweet Sixteen birthday party last night!  The other one just happened to be in the picture. I made them especially for her as Audrey is very popular these days it seems with teenage girls and she's crazy about her right now! We were asked to wear black and white and most complied. She got a few Audrey related gifts that made her very happy.The adults left early so the kids could carry on with their own fun! Lots of fun visiting with everyone! The birthday cake was a Hepburn style hat! What fun!!

Finds! 1919 Diary!!

My best find this weekend was this 1919 diary written by a 16 year old girl! I've been reading it and it seems that things haven't changed all that much for a 16 year old! Lots of  entries on school, parties, boys, etc. I was really quite surprised at the social life of a 16 year old in those days! There was something going on all the time! She seemed to be quite popular and belonged to alot of clubs as well. It's a really good read!

A few linen goodies I picked up as well. They will need some work at stain and spot removal...yuk!

This nice crochet tablecloth has what look like old coffee stains! Hope they come out!.........

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fabulous Fall Oak Leaves and Owl Picture

My brother took this picture one fall, he lives in British Columbia. I think it is just gorgeous!
Look at those perfectly colored oak leaves! And to capture an owl in the tree among those leaves is really something! Love it!
I did take alot of pictures at the Red Barn yesterday, so click on the link  down below in the previous post to go to that site and you can view a slide show there. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to some garage sales and they are having the first ever re-cycle event where people put out their re-cycleable household items to be picked up by anyone who comes by over the weekend and wants their old stuff!! You never know! Should be fun cruising around looking anyway! So have a good weekend, I'll be back!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Never a dull moment around here!

Well, the golf is done, the farmers market is done, the garden is just about done, but always something will come up to keep me busy! This morning Marilyn and I are heading across town to the south side of the city to "The Red Barn".... We have our cars loaded and we'll be there helping to set up in the barn with antiques and collectables.  Next week when it starts we'll go and help out and have a great time of it!.

There are some slide shows on the site from previous sales, have a peek, there's always just tons of really neat things to look at. Can't wait! I'll take a few pics today to share with you later!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ahh! Look what I found in blog land

I really can't wait to find a bit more time to be creative! If you look at the sidebar of my blog at my lists of places I visit, you've probably noticed that alot of them have a connection to altered art, digital art, collage art, free images, alot of beautiful blogs full of creativity. I have more and more to add, I just keep clicking on the links on the ones I'm visiting and always find more that I want to go back to when I have the time. My blog cruisin' time is usually when I am too pooped to do anything else, or just plain at loose ends!

Every now and then I come across one with a giveaway! Here's a lovely blog for free images and the blogger Carol Anne is having a great giveaway, which I entered by leaving a comment and now I'm putting it here on my blog, which gives me another entry for the giveaway! She has great links on her blog too for some great blogs and sites. Go to Carol Anne's Boutique for a more pictures of her great giveaway and you might want to save some of the lovely vintage images for your own use while you're there!


Took these pics on my way one day to visit mom at the nursing home. Kind of neat when you are just looking at part of the sign!..........I could use a few new body parts, but I'm certainly not going to strip to save! That would require a whole lot of new body parts first! Have a great day!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

On my way to the market yesterday, I stopped at a great garage sale just at the end of the road. I wish I could have stayed longer, they were just putting out the goodies, alot of estate items. I did get some items, even a card table which we can use at the market. I spent a whole $5.00 and got a few things more than what I'm showing you. I think the above is a cocktail shaker without the top part. It is as large as a quart sealer and has the greatest graphics on it. 25 cents!
2 Ukrainian embroidered pieces, the one on the right is a Rushnyk, the other I don't know what you'd call it. These were only 50 cents each and they're going right on ebay tomorrow!
I wish there had of been the sugar to this cute art deco creamer. The color is perfect for my kitchen. I'm using it for my milk in my coffee this morning. It's so cute! another 25 cents!

I think she charged me 50 cents for this gorgeous murano/chalet glass piece. I am not crazy about chalet glass with the long points, etc, but this I really like. It has the red and clear glass and a real nice design to it, which you can't really see from the picture.

Well, it is now 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning. I pulled on some clothes at 7:30 a.m. to run out to the garden to get some dill to go with the cucumbers that the husband is taking to the golf course for a lady friend golfer to pick up there. I then started taking pics for ebay listings and getting a few made up for tomorrow, I like to do that on Sunday mornings. I haven't even washed my face yet! I know you all do that too sometimes I'm sure! LOL!!

I now must hop in the shower then put on some spuds for the potato salad I want to make, also I have 2 apple pies to make.....husband peeled more apples for me (he knows I'll not get around to it). Gotta visit mom this afternoon, and Kiera will be over after her ringette. I'd better fly now!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just came across this old picture

This would have been taken at 58 Sadler in St. Vital around 1953. That's Marilyn on the left, brother Jeff center, and me on the right. I don't look too happy!

Last Market Day For This Year

So here we were, Marilyn and I, at the last day of the farmers' market for this year. It was hot today! Probably the hottest market day we've experienced this summer! We had a pot luck afterwards, yummy yummy! It was great!

We are going to try and find out the name of this annual. It starts of green but the leaves gradually change to pinks and mauves and it's gorgeous! One of the plantings in the lovely flower beds on the grounds at Pine Ridge Hollow, across the way from where we have the farmers market.

Some lovely fall color in this bed.......they have changed over their setting for the outdoor weddings held here to this spot for now. Earlier they were in another area where there were midseason flowers in full bloom.

A wedding was going to happen in the afternoon.......note the rosepetals sprinkled along the aisle.

Don't you just love this planting of ornamental grass?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Last of the Golfing

Well, there we are, the three musketeers! Our fourth, daughter Sherri, hasn't made too many games this year but hopefully will get her priorities straight next golf season...LOL!! There is Maggie on the left, Kris (daughter #2) at center, and moi, Lucy, on the right. Taken on the tee box of number 7 hole at Larters at St. Andrews Golf Course.
It's all in the follow-through my dear! (So says Katherine Hepburn anyway!) A favorite of ours to say at times throughout the golf season. We had so much fun!
I look like a midget and I had a really lousy tee shot on this hole, a very long par 5 of course! another favorite saying throughout the season!

And therrrrrrrrre's Maggie!! She can hit a mile! ...and check her follow-through!

Here's a slideshow for you. We had a great evening, were treated to a lovely buffet dinner after the game and of course as usual, they drew for some great prizes. We'll hope the weather keeps up and maybe we can get together for a game next week, eh girls?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Morning!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Apple Pie Sunday

Do you think it was this little note that inspired my husband to peel and chop apples for pie last night while I was enjoying a steak dinner at a nice little restaurant with friends?

Who knows when Kiera wrote this little note on a scrap of paper? Anyway, it showed up the other day and caught my husband's eye. It must have caught his eye again and since he's been out in the yard picking up the apples that are constantly falling or getting blown off the tree and piling them up in the kitchen, he must have decided that if he peels and chops them maybe they'll get into a piecrust!

So this morning, out came the frozen piecrust that tastes just like homemade......Tenderflake.... and here's the apple pie! Now all we need is Kiera! Will she be home in time for dinner from her camping over at Birds Hill Park?
She spent some time with Marilyn and I at the market yesterday......such a little salesperson she is, and giving us advise on display and pricing! It was fun, and we had a spot near the buskers so enjoyed the entertainment from them too. Forgot my camera though, and there were these three young boys singing and playing instruments plus some gals that were singing my kinda songs........ gotta run now!

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