Sunday, September 6, 2009

Feels like summer Saturday

What a great day! Chilly and cloudy enough in the morning to make us think the weatherman lied, but it ended up being sunny and hot, although quite windy. The day started at the farmers market, then on the way home I went to visit my mom at the nursing home.I put a few pics on a slide show from my day. Click on it!

Here's what I did when I got home!

Cold Water Wash Delicate Cycle DO NOT BLEACH

Yes, I cheat!! Not all the time, but once I'm pickling every second or third day, I tire of standing at the sink, scrubbing each little cucumber for my pickles.
So.......I throw some towels in the washer, fill it with cold water, put the cukes in, give them a little gentle agitation, leave them soak for a while then go back and agitate a bit more, fish them out of the water, rinse them off in the sink, and I'm good to go!! Then of course I drain, rinse, then wash the towels, which will clean up your washer.
You'll notice the last picture shows them with the ends trimmed off. I read somewhere that you should trim the blossom end as it may retain some little spores of something or other that can spoil your I just trim both ends while I'm at it.
Anyway, I got another 9 quarts of dills done before supper. It's September! I should be finished doing all this pickling by now. The cucumbers are just peaking now!
It's a beautiful day again today, Sunday. I have lots to do, including unloading my car from market days yesterday! I hope to get some Ebay listings done, then out to pick the cucumbers and other veggies again. I'm almost at my limit for the pickling, thank goodness.
Could be that Kiera will be here for an overnight visit so will get as much done as I can before she comes over this afternoon. She keeps me very busy once she's here. Have a lovely day!

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The Magpie said...

OMG!! What beautiful pickels...they're sooooooooooooo green...