Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My feet are sore!

Things have been hectic since last week. The garage sale, then on Sunday I had the kids and grandkids for a weeny and corn roast, complete with fireworks! I had neglected the garden so it's been catch-up time!
The laundry and ironing is next....oh what an exciting life I have!

Today I was pickling all day and evening and my feet hurt! Took a break this afternoon for a quick trip to visit mom.
They were having a little gathering for residents of the month! Got to enjoy a nice visit with mom and a few of the other residents at the same table, and a lovely cuppa coffee and some delicious cake!

I bought a new camera!! Last week I went to look at one on sale and ended up with something else......... a deal I couldn't turn down. I had planned on using my garage sale money to get a badly needed new camera and wanted something that took good closeups as well as having a nice long zoom.......mine is 12x.

Just a couple of point and shoot pictures of flowers taken at Mona's. CLICK TO ENLARGE, the detail is pretty darn good and the camera was not expensive.
Can't wait to play with it!

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Susan said...

very beautiful shots, Lucille, you will have to send me the specs on your camera! I need a new one! Very impressive close up shots!