Friday, September 18, 2009

Last of the Golfing

Well, there we are, the three musketeers! Our fourth, daughter Sherri, hasn't made too many games this year but hopefully will get her priorities straight next golf season...LOL!! There is Maggie on the left, Kris (daughter #2) at center, and moi, Lucy, on the right. Taken on the tee box of number 7 hole at Larters at St. Andrews Golf Course.
It's all in the follow-through my dear! (So says Katherine Hepburn anyway!) A favorite of ours to say at times throughout the golf season. We had so much fun!
I look like a midget and I had a really lousy tee shot on this hole, a very long par 5 of course! another favorite saying throughout the season!

And therrrrrrrrre's Maggie!! She can hit a mile! ...and check her follow-through!

Here's a slideshow for you. We had a great evening, were treated to a lovely buffet dinner after the game and of course as usual, they drew for some great prizes. We'll hope the weather keeps up and maybe we can get together for a game next week, eh girls?

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Susan said...

Looks like a beautiful course, Lucy, you must be sad to see the end of the season! Ours is winding down as well, but we may have a couple of weeks left!