Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finds! 1919 Diary!!

My best find this weekend was this 1919 diary written by a 16 year old girl! I've been reading it and it seems that things haven't changed all that much for a 16 year old! Lots of  entries on school, parties, boys, etc. I was really quite surprised at the social life of a 16 year old in those days! There was something going on all the time! She seemed to be quite popular and belonged to alot of clubs as well. It's a really good read!

A few linen goodies I picked up as well. They will need some work at stain and spot removal...yuk!

This nice crochet tablecloth has what look like old coffee stains! Hope they come out!.........


vintagesusie said...

I LOVE finding treasures...& the diary is a GREAT FIND! It's so fun to sneek a peek into someone elses life in an era different then ours. The simple joys, right!

Lucy said...

I'm really being enlightened by this diary re life of a teenager 1919! Thanks for your comment Susie!