Sunday, September 20, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

On my way to the market yesterday, I stopped at a great garage sale just at the end of the road. I wish I could have stayed longer, they were just putting out the goodies, alot of estate items. I did get some items, even a card table which we can use at the market. I spent a whole $5.00 and got a few things more than what I'm showing you. I think the above is a cocktail shaker without the top part. It is as large as a quart sealer and has the greatest graphics on it. 25 cents!
2 Ukrainian embroidered pieces, the one on the right is a Rushnyk, the other I don't know what you'd call it. These were only 50 cents each and they're going right on ebay tomorrow!
I wish there had of been the sugar to this cute art deco creamer. The color is perfect for my kitchen. I'm using it for my milk in my coffee this morning. It's so cute! another 25 cents!

I think she charged me 50 cents for this gorgeous murano/chalet glass piece. I am not crazy about chalet glass with the long points, etc, but this I really like. It has the red and clear glass and a real nice design to it, which you can't really see from the picture.

Well, it is now 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning. I pulled on some clothes at 7:30 a.m. to run out to the garden to get some dill to go with the cucumbers that the husband is taking to the golf course for a lady friend golfer to pick up there. I then started taking pics for ebay listings and getting a few made up for tomorrow, I like to do that on Sunday mornings. I haven't even washed my face yet! I know you all do that too sometimes I'm sure! LOL!!

I now must hop in the shower then put on some spuds for the potato salad I want to make, also I have 2 apple pies to make.....husband peeled more apples for me (he knows I'll not get around to it). Gotta visit mom this afternoon, and Kiera will be over after her ringette. I'd better fly now!

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Elizabeth Golden said...

love all your finds, I have the same elephant cocktail shaker with four glasses I bought years ago. Too cool.

vintagesusie said...

I want your elephant glasses...tooo cooool! :)