Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the garden yesterday and a flashback!

58 SADLER AVENUE, ST. VITAL, MANITOBA,I took this picture in 2003

Would you believe it? I open up the paper to the garage sale section this a.m. and what pops me in the eye is this sale! Our old house on Sadler! We moved away from there to the northeast part of town in 1956....! Funny thing is that about 15 yrs ago, I was talking to a lady that lived a couple of miles away on the same road as us (we've moved since) and it was her son or daughter that lived in that house! I wonder it it is them or someone else that's moved in since? It was just a wee little house, 2 bedrooms, probably all of 600 or 700 sq. ft....a starter home.
I remember it well, although I was in Grade 2 when we moved.
Of course the way I remember it was huge with a huge yard. I was shocked to see it a few years back and see how tiny everything really is!

I spotted this lonely, one and only cuke in the patch and have been watching it since last weekend. It was finally big enough to make 2 sandwiches, one for hubby, one for me, and was it goooood!
The raspberry patch in the a.m. yesterday, I didn't pick til the evening and got about 2 cups.
Yummy! In a few days I'll be picking more like 2 quarts a day!

I just gave them a pick over and a rinse. Now I'm going to eat most of them for breakfast! There will be more to pick tonight!
So what do you do when this is the only ripe tomato in the garden? You share! It's not the first time I've done this, the cherry tomatoes seem to start ripening first and although it's very tempting to just pop it in my mouth but I'm going to cut it in half and share it...mmm...a little salt and pepper........divine!
Well, enough for now, I've got to get busy, go visit mom at the nursing home, and prepare for the market tomorrow. Hope this rain that we're having today doesn't keep up! ta-ta-for-now!

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Denise said... fun to see you have a blog! I love it. Your old house looks so charming...I bet that was a shock to see that ad. Love all the goodies from your garden......they look yummy!

Lucy said...

Thanks Denise! It did show up afterall...