Sunday, September 13, 2009

Apple Pie Sunday

Do you think it was this little note that inspired my husband to peel and chop apples for pie last night while I was enjoying a steak dinner at a nice little restaurant with friends?

Who knows when Kiera wrote this little note on a scrap of paper? Anyway, it showed up the other day and caught my husband's eye. It must have caught his eye again and since he's been out in the yard picking up the apples that are constantly falling or getting blown off the tree and piling them up in the kitchen, he must have decided that if he peels and chops them maybe they'll get into a piecrust!

So this morning, out came the frozen piecrust that tastes just like homemade......Tenderflake.... and here's the apple pie! Now all we need is Kiera! Will she be home in time for dinner from her camping over at Birds Hill Park?
She spent some time with Marilyn and I at the market yesterday......such a little salesperson she is, and giving us advise on display and pricing! It was fun, and we had a spot near the buskers so enjoyed the entertainment from them too. Forgot my camera though, and there were these three young boys singing and playing instruments plus some gals that were singing my kinda songs........ gotta run now!

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The Magpie said...

I loooooooooooove apple pie too!! We picked up some from the fruit stand we visited in Oliver...yummy!!!

Susan said...

What a great sign! Ours was rhubarb and strawberry, premade of course!