Friday, September 11, 2009

I've been meaning to tell you

Mike and Sherri now own this cute little vintage trailer. Easy enough for Sherri to haul, and she has driven it over to Birds Hill Park campgrounds and she and Kiera had a couple of days there last week. As I speak (Friday evening) they are setting up camp there again for the weekend.
It's very cute and has everything one would need . They just got it last week of August so they didn't have much time to use it but next year they plan on seeing a few different campgrounds in Manitoba. Kiera just loves camping, even as close by as Birds Hill Provincial Park. There's lots to see there and lots of hiking and swimming and fun stuff to do.
Pine Ridge Hollow borders on the park and is not far from the campground area. Kiera and Sherri are taking bikes with them this weekend and will ride over to visit Marilyn and I at the Farmers' Market!
Not to be left out, daddy Mike in the background and up grand-dog! He loves camping! He loves coming to the market too, he gets lots of petting and free samples from the vendor that sells doggie treats!
He's such a sweetie!


The Magpie said...

Looks like fun...I've always wanted to have a trailer. I hear they have put it to good use so far even with the late start. Camping is great for kid's...

Susan said...

Very cute vintage trailer! I bet next year they will get a good head start and have a great year of camping! Great age for camping!