Friday, September 11, 2009

Did you say it's Friday?

I am really behind in my blogging! This has been a short week with having a holiday Monday, and then the trip to Grand Forks and all.

We've also had gorgeous summer weather, now that it's September? Go figure! That means lingering longer outside in the yard, more garden produce to deal with, and just plain enjoying what we missed all summer. I hope it lasts.

I think I did the last of my pickling today. The dang cucumbers are still giving me lovely little cukes to pickle, but I had to really scrounge for jars doing the last batch today. I had already picked up a dozen quarts at the thrift shop last week when I started running short.

I was scrounging in the garage on the shelves and found a few pint jars I'd bought at a garage sale at some point. Look at this one. It's full of sweet crunchy yum yum type pickles now but the blue is so pretty I had to take a picture. It's an oldie and this particular jar of pickles will go to Leslie, from The Red Barn. She's crazy about these pickles and I always give her some in the fall.

Our second last market day tomorrow. Wow, the summer has flown by and I never in my life figured I'd be selling pendants and vintage linens along with Marilyn at a farmers' market almost every Saturday morning all summer long! It's a good thing I had a pretty good inventory of pendants when I started because I sure haven't had the time to make many more. Showers are forecast but we'll see what happens in the morning. ttfn

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