Tuesday, May 4, 2010

AND HERE'S JOE ! Hypoallergenic.curly haired horse!

I'm having one of those days, I can't focus, not getting anything done, so while I was into my pictures, this jogged me to post about the horse that daughter Sherri purchased while we were away in Arizona.
You can read about Sherri and her riding and the rescue horses she visits HERE

This is an American Curly Horse (lots of information and interesting notes on this site). I'm sure most people don't know that there is actually a horse that people with allergies can deal with!
Kiera has a major peanut allergy and some other allergies, horses being one of them. She had to be very brief in her visits over to see the horses and Sherri had to change clothes, wash up good before coming into their own home after horseback riding or being around the horses.
Sherri was browsing the web and horse sale ads and found Joe. She made a trip to Regina, Saskatchewan, about a 5 hour drive and decided to have Joe brought here, on trial, (yeah, right! I know my daughter!)
Anyway, he has this really soft long curly hair and Kiera can bury her nose in his hair and no allergic reaction at all! She is not as horse crazy as her mom, but does like to visit them and is learning to ride.
The whole idea of a hypoallergenic horse is great! If you know someone with allergies that would love to own a horse, pass on the information.

This is Joe without his winter curly hair. Picture was sent to Sherri when she was enquiring.  They shed in the spring and although he looks off white through the winter, underneath all that hair he's completely different!


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I didn't know that hypoallergenic horses existed! How wonderful. Because there is nothing better than burying your nose in your horse's neck and giving them a big hug. I miss having a yard full of horses, we had 5 at one time.

vintagesusie & wings said...

OK...I'm just IN LOVE with this curly haired horsey!!!! I want one too! With his winter coat he looks like an adorable stuffed animal...so cute he couldn't be real. How fun for all! Are you going to hop on for a little trail ride??? Keira is going to fall in love, I just know it & how cool she has no problems with her allergies when she's with him. Joe Rocks & I LOVE the photos friend!!!
Smiles an a NEIGH to Joe,