Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look! Pink Teacups Vintage Crochet Doily and Daffodils one too!!

From my fab garage sale finds on the weekend!! See the post below! I spent some time this morning preparing some of my linens for my ebay auctions.
Isn't this fabulous!! I listed it at 9.99 as the opening price......pretty fair I think.........such a unique piece.........go and have look at my ebay auctions if you want to see more pictures of it!
I have never had one of these and I have collected, bought, and sold for almost 25 years!!

This pretty one I just got yesterday.........the daffodils are kinda faded, but it has that really shabby cottage appeal! It's listed too!
.........another embroidered iris.......I'm having a flower filled vintage linen week!!

This is my favorite...........not listed,...not for now...I have to hang on to it for a bit. It has some breaks on the outer edge, but I don't care!! Never had this pattern either, it is sooooo pretty!!
Well, hope you enjoyed and don't forget to enter my giveaway, one of just many that are signed up for the Cottage Charm Giveaway... just scroll down to see mine and there's a link for you to look at the many others!

I've been having a ball blog hopping and entering the giveaways and it has opened my eyes to many fabulous blogs that I may never have found!


Holly Days Closet said...

I love this I have finially srated working with thread. It's just so elegant. I know what you mean about the blog giveaway I have seen some beautiful things that I wouldn't have seen before I love it.

Olivia~ said...

Oh my you have my heart with these darling vintage linens! Oh and I love garage saleing! Great finds,
sign me up for your giveaway and i am your follower!