Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family fun and rescue horses

It has been crazy busy around this house lately! I have out of town company coming for a couple of days this week too, so it's not over yet! I'm enjoying it all but am craving to get back at some digital artwork and take part in a couple of challenges!
The end of last week saw our sweetie Kiera having a sleepover at our house! Fun, fun....she keeps us hopping! We played, crafted, baked, played, created, inside, outside...all over the house and garage...non-stop! We are exhausted when she goes home!

We had a housewarming to go to Saturday night, then on Sunday, Kiera had a ringette game so we all went to cheer the team on. That was all three daughters and their spouses, besides my husband and I. All 8 and 9 year old girls skating their little hearts out, ....too cute...and they are very good! Ringette is sort of like hockey but instead of a puck it's a ring that looks like a donut, and their stick is straight, they have to place it in the hole to "shoot" the ring across the ice.

Here's Kiera after the game, minus her helmet/mask that they all must wear. We all went back to our house for chili and buns and strawberry/raspberry shortcake and alot of fun!

Wondering about these horsies? Well, our oldest daughter Sherri, (Kiera's mom) has always been a big animal lover and when she was young had a horse and a colt and loved to ride and be around horses as much as possible. Maybe at some future date she'll be able to have her own again, but for now, she has been looking for an opportunity to be around horses without actually owning and having the full responsibility of one.
Well, she has found through an ad a horse owner that needs someone to ride and excercise one of her horses and she also has in her care, 2 Paso Fino horses, rescue horses, a mother and daughter, who were badly neglected and taken in by this kind lady. Sherri took Kiera to meet them on Sunday morning and of course Kiera was thrilled!
Both horses are quite nervous of humans, but surprisingly took to Kiera, no problem!
Sherri and Kiera will be visiting them at every opportunity!

Kiera loves animals, she was certainly not nervous around the horses and she's little.....could that be why they were not fearful of her?

Such lovely animals, it's hard to think how they can be neglected the way they were.

I'll be back when I can get here!


vintagesusie said...

Hi Miss Lucy..
Sounds like a very busy week, but alot of fun! I love the pics of Kiera after her game & what kind of game is that by the way? LOL It must be very Canadian cuz I've never heard of that 1. I also want to come back to the house for strawberry/raspberry shortcake...yummy!!! Still waiting to get Photoshop on my new laptop, I'm dying to get back to my digital art, arggghhhh...I NEED LAYERS!!! Bye for now, Susie

vintagesusie said...

It's hard to take a break from this blogosphere & even harder not to create. I'm still trying to get my Photoshop up, now that I know about layers I can probably never go back...right! Have a wonderful Holiday! Tomorrow is my 100th post so make sure you come by to sign-up for my give-away!! Bye Friend...

vintagesusie said...

Thanks Lucy, I hope you win!!! :)