Friday, May 21, 2010

My most treasured garage sale find REAL EYE CANDY

No it's not a whole Victorian crazy quilt, but to me it's just as great a find!
I think it was made to hold lingerie or gloves?
Isn't it wonderful? Sorry to tease yesterday, I just didn't have time to gather the rest of the pictures and tell the story.
Found at a garage sale at least 15 years ago, this has been a favorite treasure. I just love to look at it and marvel at the tiny pieces that have been super skillfully embroidered!
The variety of the pattern and the different colored threads used, omg! Have a good look by CLICKING TO ENLARGE........(on my laptop, I have to click, then click again once the picture is up)
The overall size of this bag is 11.5" x 8"........look at all of those pieces!

The inside is lined with the lilac colored raw slik that you see binding the top edge.
Old plastic or bone rings have been attached and a twisted silk cord is threaded through them.
Each side is different, one of these days I'm going to count up how many pieces were used,  bits of grosgrain ribbon and silky fabric........pieced together and surrounded by feather stitching that has been done in different colors.
Below are some closeups that I loaded onto a collage page. You can CLICK TO ENLARGE

As I look at this beautiful textile work of art, I imagine a lovely young woman in a white lawn dress, sitting in her parlor, in front of a fireplace, a little dog at her feet, stitching with nimble fingers while she dreams of who knows what..........other times she is sitting on a garden bench in the shade, surrounded by beds of beautiful flowers, her needlework basket beside her on the bench......
I could go on and on with my imagining........ 


Brenda said...

I agree it is a treasure. i am just learning to make a crazy quilt so I can imagine the hours spent on this quilt/wall hanging. Hours of some girls time was invested in this project, maybe even years. What a lucky find and I'm glad it went home with someone who really appreciates it.

Megan said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Oh my!!! That is one fabulous bag. I would love to have one like it just to study the various stitches.

Please forgive the delay, but I finally made it by and joined you as a follower.

Happy Sunday!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Maureen said...

Wow, the workmanship on that bag is to die for. And it has been so well taken care of, what a real find. Nice to know it went home with someone who really appreciates it.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

This is INCREDIBLE Lucy! You must have been so excited to find this treasure. The detail is astounding. That young woman in the lawn dress was one talented lady...