Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What a change in a week!

My purple coneflowers were just looking so gorgeous!

They look kinda droopy now and are loosing their petals fast!

I was pretty shocked when I looked out at the damage the frost had done!

I did manage to save most of the peppers by quickly picking them and rinsing them in cold water to stop the freezing action. The cucumbers didn't fair so well, only saved a few that we are really enjoying eating while we can, there is nothing like the taste of a really fresh cucumber. Tomatoes were damaged but I had picked alot of them off already and have them safely in the garage.

I hate to see the end of summer! We went from summer to fall in a matter of 24 hours! A very hard frost last Tuesday morning resulted in the end of the garden for this year. All that's left are the hills of potatoes still to be harvested and a few carrots, the strawberries (which are still producing despite the cold!) and my clump of sage that I always pick and dry for the turkey stuffing!


The Magpie said...

It's so sad to see everything wither and die...what a short summer we had. You are lucky that you can beat a hasty retreat to Arizona for a little repreave...us sista's will have to visit you there one day and do a road trip all around Arizona. Would that not be a blast???

Lucy said...

A blast for sure! We should think about that! You nevah know!