Friday, October 9, 2009

Lots of frost on the pumpkins last night!

It was -10 C this morning! that's 14 F ! Any way you put it is cold. Cloudy, damp cold! ...with some of that white stuff in between the rain, called snow! Thanks goodness it was melting when it hit the ground, but it was certainly miserable out there. On my way back from getting groceries I pulled over onto the side of the road to snap a couple of pictures of 2 "pumpkin stands". Just around the corner from me, they start with the pumpkins and squash and gourds as the corn and tomato season is winding down.

This is the bigger of the two, the pumpkins are grown at the back of their home on fertile land that backs on to the Red River. We always buy corn from them, knowing it is the freshest and sweetest around.

A little competition, one door away. They will both sell the majority of their pumpkins before Halloween.

Due to the heavy frost last night, alot of the leaves have fallen off of the trees, even though they are still green! The tree below on the boulevard across the street was shedding them like crazy this morning. They were piling up in a matter of minutes and since then the poor tree is almost naked!
I sure hope we don't loose too many leaves all at once, we'll miss the best part of fall...all that beautiful color!

I think any strawberries in the garden were frozen solid! I quickly took this picture this afternoon. Now I'm warm and cozy in the house and catching up on my blog. I'm double posting today, next is a recipe for some apple muffins!

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vintagesusie said...

We can't wait to take Kai (4) to the pumpkin patch. Your's are lovely & I wish I could take him there, they look so quint!!