Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poor Little Robin

Can you find the little robin in the collage? Poor little thing! It was supposed to be just about him, but I got all carried away with the butterflies, starting out trying to hide a couple of boo-boos with them, then balancing them out, etc, etc, etc. Oh well, I'll try another one with him being the star player!!

I fiddled around and managed to move the music a bit so he would show, but really!! You wouldn't have known he was there if I didn't tell you, right?

This is what started it all, there were alot of robins in the yard all of a sudden around dinner time, this was the only half decent pic I got, and he was being quite cheeky, looking at me with his head crooked!! CLICK TO ENLARGE

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Susan said...

Hi Lucille!~ Just got back from Vegas so I've lots to catch up on your blog. Absolutely love the butterfly picture!