Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some backyard pictures lovely fall colors

I'm really enjoying the colors in my back yard. We've lost too many leaves already due to that yucky cold snap with snow a week or so ago, but there's still enough there to give some lovely color.

One of our old wheels is slowly falling apart, but we'll leave it there , it still has alot of charm.

Some old weathered wood cuts that Kiera uses to climb up to her "swinging horse" branch of a tree. The clump of decorative grass is not affected by the cold yet.

Crunchy layer of leaves will be alot thicker around the picnic table before too long.

My favorite picture of all I took yesterday! This little concrete fella resides in the bush. Last fall I was cleaning up my clump of chives and plunked a big chunk in his wheelbarrow. Haven't watered or touched them since! He looks like he's concentrating on moving them somewhere else! They will likely just keep on growing in his wheelbarrow unless we have a very long dry spell.
Have a great day!


blackdragon said...

wow what a garden and your altered dominos are fantastic... i love your 'darker art' too... and the lady with lace.... love your blog!!! hugs lynx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Lucy these are really nice pictures
hugs June xxx

Chris Arlington said...

Hi Lucy, I live in Canada too. My name is Chris. I live in BC. I see we have very similar tastes. Except your garden looks waaaaay better than mine. Too much crafting not enough gardening. I really like your blog and I will be back.