Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So much fun at the antique sale today!

We sold piles of goodies!  For the first 2 hours, steady... 2 of us were writing up the bills, while 2 others wrapped and packed, and a few other helpers rearranged and helped carry furniture out the door!
The afternoon gets to a nice steady pace rather than a big rush so we get a chance to have a break and put some more items out and keep the place looking tidy!

outside the Red Shed area of our sale, yummy shabby chippy!
 ...mostly finer china and glass and better furniture in the hayloft of  the barn
 ...more country and shabby vintage on the main floor of the barn...
 When you take part in a sale, you see alot that you love but can't possibly focus on everything!! Some of the items I was writing up........aaacckkk.....I would have bought that red and white enamel teapot which was MINTY for ....yes...$6.00!
Different consignors, different pricing! Some of the stuff went out the door for a song! these metal wheels!
A shabby piece that was in the Red Shed area of the sale.......don't you love it?
If you want to look at a whole bunch of yummy pictures of the sale, go to this link. You will enjoy it for sure!      
Red Barn

and I gotta tell at the sale I sold the mink jacket I bought at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, and it is going all the way to ..................
A very nice gal from Melbourne (originally Sydney) was thrilled with it!
I don't go back to the sale til Friday,  I'll keep you posted.


Tamarah said...

Hiya Lucy....!

I'm GLAD the sale went well.... :o) !!
....hahahahaha....Well it appears we Aussies are breakin' out & travellin' FAR & WIDE for the GOOD STUFF....!!!

Hope you're having a GREAT week Lovey....!

Cheers from 'Down Under' again,
Tamarah :o)

Betsy said...

Oh, how I wish I could have been a shopper there. I hope you did well today too. I'll be looking forward to hearing about it. I checked out the Red Barn, what wonderful treasures. Love the mink jacket.