Sunday, September 26, 2010

Garage Sale Finds Galore!

What a Saturday I had! This table full was from just one GREAT sale! It was an estate sale and I didn't go early either!
The weather was wonderful after alot of cold, cloudy this last week, and I was just taking my time and enjoying the scenery! I took off in a different direction and was I glad! Out on a country route!
I'm going to keep that little chintz sugarbowl too, it's so sweet, I'll fill it with something and place it on the dresser.
Rhinestones!! That's a Weiss set..the blue...I didn't know til I got home, I was so busy making a pile on the grass!
The picture is definitely a keeper!
Gawsh! How could I leave that old mink stole behind! It's kinda creepy but it isn't going to live in my house for too long.
The prices were cheap and I did find some chips on the odd piece when I started the cleanup, but all in all it was a great haul!
....and that was only from one sale...I picked up a number of great things at a few other sales too! Will show you a bit at a time, I'm so busy getting ready for the big sale this week!
I hope you all found lots of treasures this weekend!


A Treasured Past said...

What glorious finds, I especially like the gorgeous lady print :) Tamara

Sherry said...

Wow what a great day for garage/estate sales you hae! We didn't make it to any sales but did find a kitchen island on craigs list. It was just perfect for our kitchen and a great price. I will post before and after pictures of it soon I hope. It will need some painting to look at home in our kitchen. I also like the lady print and the blue plate, of course.

Chris said...

Dear Lucy, thankyou for the kind words on Annie.
You look like you are having a ball with your antique finds. Does Hubby like it too?

(((Hugs))) Chris

Doni said...

Wow!!! What a haul! I'd have been absolutely going crazy wishing no one else would come near me!! So glad you found such a wonderful find! Congrats!
Blessings too, Doni

Lucy - By the Hill said...

Chris........hope you're feeling better, and my husband is not overly fond of antiques but he puts up with me dragging it home knowing most of it doesn't take up permanent residence!
And I don't pick up furniture like I used to, unless it is small and good for resale at the red barn sale.

Betsy said...

Wow, what a haul. I would have bought everything you bought!! Sometimes those sales way out in the country turn out to be the best.