Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vintage Finds Sweet, Sentimental and Shabby

Sweet......from a country garage sale last Saturday, it is actually a very beautiful piece of crochet that is probably  a window valance. It is temporarily draped around my dress form (Millie) waiting to go on Ebay.
I couldn't take a full view, since my poor Millie has her bum almost resting on her feet! Seems my sweet grandaughter decided to  give her a new look and decided to bring her down so she'd be easier to dress.
I have had no problem stepping on the pedal and raising her up and down,  but this particular time she went down alright, but something in her frame is "binding" and I can't get her back up! Poor old girl!
I haven't had time to lay her down and  look under her "skirt" to investigate!

An old autograph book. 1930 entries, all in pen and ink.
Some really interesting writings among the pages.
I wonder how old Henry was when he took this with him when visiting or passed it among friends to write their "autograph" for him?

The shabby.........this neat cupboard with the neatest built-in in the drawer!
Don't you just love those little cuppy things?...they're wood! Not removable!
I didn't buy, just wanted to show you, the cupboard and the storage box below were new items that were added to the Red Barn sale yesterday.
aaahh! Gorgeous old storage box/bench in original cotton fabric, a very shabby chic piece. 
Lastly, up around the corner from me, the pumpkin wagon! Notice the mix of orange and white pumpkins.I quickly took this picture out of the window of the car while passing.
Now I'm off to find some garage sales on this beautiful sunny fall morning!


Chris said...

Oh Lucy, if I had known you when my parents died I could have shipped you a train load of treasures. I would rather it had gone to someone who appreciated it. You always have great finds that I can remember in our house. I even have a quilt made by my Grandma in 1928 for my Dad. So many things. Not having children. I've nobody that I care to have it.

vintagesusie & wings said...

I have come to believe, even after all the blogs I my friend, are the Queen of Garage Saleing!!!
Not so much because you go out looking so much, but because of what you FIND my dear!!! The coolest things ever!!!
If it wasn't so darned cold, I might just have to move there to get a piece of the action!!! LOL
Keep up your GOOD are the master & I the grasshopper!!!

heather said...

OMG I should pair you up with a friend of mine who also finds wonderful things like this, at what we call car boot sales. You could do a roaring business re-selling it.
I love everything you found and would not be able to part with it, hoarder that I am lol
Have I mentioned before that I love your blog header too?
Have a terrific weekend