Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My dolly in the trunk! I'm getting ready for an antiques sale

I will be glad when October comes! So much is going on all the time and I've been running all summer with one thing or the other! (mostly by choice, so, nobody to blame but ME!).

Well, golf finishes this week, and last day at the farmers market too......then the next thing on my agenda is taking part in the antique sale I do every year at a girlfriends place in the country. We have a big RED BARN and MORE to fill up!

So....I'm deciding to part with a few of my own things and gathering up anything I've picked up through the summer to sell, and pricing and packing it up for the sale that's on in a couple of weeks.

Did you ever think you wanted to have a doll collection? I did, ....a long time ago, and they complemented my decorating at the time and I loved them!  I almost forgot about this sweetie! Bought at a garage sale of course! I even made her dress MYSELF!! That was waaaay back....when I used to actually use my sewing machine!
She's really old, fully jointed, and she wears a wig! Over 100 yrs old but unmarked, she has glass eyes, open mouth and all!
Well! She's going on an adventure......to an antique sale...
She will find a new home! She will be loved and displayed, not hidden in a trunk!

I've had her long enough and my sweet grandaughter is 9 and is just not a doll girl...
although she's a real little doll!

She was in this lovely old wooden trunk that sits on a  stand....(mennonite I was told when I bought it years back)...yes....it's going too! It's really in my way and I usually have the top covered up with JuNk and never look in it or use the storage for anything but things I don't need or use. The doll was the only good thing in it!
The trunk even has this huge key.......
but I have to let it go...yes I do....I know it is a beauty...but ....it has to go..
yes... I've made up my mind....
........I think....
This was a good find  last weekend. No market...too cold and windy, so I got to garage sale and first thing I got was this old railway switch lamp......it weighs a ton! Marked too....CPR ...for Canadian Pacific Railway (?Railroad?)

Best deals were on Friday though.........one really great sale just down the road. everything was 1.00 and she had a garage full!!! I got a vintage fur jacket in perfect condition for $1.00!!It will go to the sale.

Lots of jewelry, all kinds of things for resale on Ebay or Etsy.
Well, .....back to cleanin' and packin'
oooooh....I just previewed and this is waaay too long a post!  sorry!


Chris said...

It's a great post! I love your lifestyle of searching for great articles. Your dolly reminds of my Mom's friends dolly I met her (over 58 years ago) and remember I was thrilled because she had "real" teeth. I felt very special she let her sit on my lap.

You remind me of good memories.
thanks Hun!

Tamarah said...

Hello Lucy....!

THANKS for your LOVELY note my Friend....It's 2.30am here in Shakopee & I can't sleep....I'm STILL on Aussie time which my laptop tells me is 5.30pm Wed 15th so I'm catchin' up with my FAVE blog mates....!!

Your Granddaughter & I are BOTH tomboys by the sound of it though mind, now I'm OLDER I can at least 'appreciate' a fine example of the doll world as is yours.... :o) !!

The trunk is GORGEOUS & I'm sure BOTH pieces will be snapped up quick smart at the sale....!!

I hope you do well Lovey....!

Cheers from across the road from Junk Bonanza,
Tamarah :o)

Sherry said...

You have a lot of interesting things going on over here. I love your doll and I love the new altered art idea I discovered. Very neat!

vintagesusie & wings said...

Hey friend, No Way!!! There is no such thing as a way tooo long post, the more the better!!! Love your doll & your trunk & if I lived closer, I would be there too!! You are always so busy, I waste too much time dreaming of what I want to do & not doing it. I love that your such a doer!!!
Big hugs girl & GREAT SUCCESS at your barn sale!

Betsy said...

Hi, Oh how I wish I could come to your barn sale. I also have a hard time parting with some of my treasures, especially the ones I've had for so long. Sounds like you'll do really well with all your goodies. I'd like to buy your yard....it's gorgeous.
Thanks for visiting me and your kind comments. I'll be back to check out how you did at the sale.

A Treasured Past said...

Hi, fabulous lamp, I love railway lamps, great find. Tamara x