Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elvis pins, Garage Sale Find, and Apple Pie!

I got to create!............ an order for 6 Elvis pins, to be worn at a big Elvis fan gathering next spring. A farmers market customer........hope she likes them! 6 gals meet up to rock and roll and she wants one for each of them including herself!

A one and only find this last week, no sales for me on Saturday, I went to do the farmers market, but I managed to pick this up on Friday (for a song!!) on my way back from grocery shopping. It's a round crochet tablecloth, like new! I put it on Ebay, the auction ends on Monday...(already a bid, surprising as Ebay has been desperately SLOW for months! )
Only a couple more Wednesday night golf games. We have to start at 5:30 now, as it's getting dark earlier and we want to finish our 9 holes while we can still see the ball!
Taken last week.......sun is starting to go down and still one hole to go!
The flower bed is getting tired looking but there's still some color there to enjoy. The apple tree right behind the flowerbed is bare now, had to pick what was left on the tree before the WASPS got at them!
Many buckets of apples have come off of that tree and I have lots of peeled, chopped apples in the freezer for pies, apple crisp and muffins .
I really do NOT enjoy baking, but made a few pies and apple crisp the other day. I usually buy frozen pie shells, but this time made my own........hmmmm.....I know now why I buy frozen pie shells! What a mess I had in the kitchen! Pie was really good though, better than the frozen shells!
YES, that really is apple husband likes the apples chopped fine with lots and lots of cinnamon!
I made 38 pints of these Crisp Pickle Slices and at least 50 quarts of dills! If I didn't give away most of them I'd only have to make about 5 pints and 10 quarts!
I am done, done, done and glad it's fall......just stop fall from going into winter and I'll be very happy!
off to golf shortly..........have a great evening!


Yvonne said...

Hi Lucy, You have been one busy lady! I LOVE your Elvis pins!! Lucky gals.

Lori Saul said...

Love your apples and canning and pies- beautiful signs of Autumn- wonderful post full of ripe things (the Elvis pins are fun too)!

Cathy said...

What a "yummy" post!!! I love apples and anything made using pie with a scoop of ice cream! Cathy aka GGJ

Anonymous said...

Your hubs likes is apple pie the same as I do..tons of cinnamon. Too much for 'normal' people but that's the way I like it. Wish I lived closer..there would be a little tapping on your door right about now..before that last piece is gone! luv, Abbie

Anonymous said...

Wow! Apples! What a better way to end the summer! Lots to get caught up on!

vintagesusie & wings said...

OK...that pie just looks YUMMMMMY! I wanna piece too, did you save me one? Did you know that I LOVEEEE pie?
Is it getting cold there yet? Today was a beautiful day, but I can feel the air changing, fall is nearly hear & then that horrid white stuff will come out of the sky. Can I go to AZ with you this year???

Anonymous said...

Ohhh thanks for sharing Lucy, I love the pics and that apple pie looks yummy.The pickles too :)
I just popped by to say thanks so much for your suggestion for a theme. Yours was a very unsual one and it spiked my interest. I have logged it down and will look into creating something with 'bare naked trees' I love it ! thanks again
Hugs June xxxxxxx