Monday, September 27, 2010

A couple of Vintage linens from Saturday's Garage Sales

I need a break from taking pictures, listing on Ebay, and the 3 loads of wash I just did. is a quick post. I did get some nice linens on the weekend and just trying to list a few on Ebay and picked a couple of things I didn't have to wash and iron.

These are adoreable!! The little doilies/coasters!

The pillowcases are lovely too, but I've had this type before, but never the little pieces and in such gorgeous colors.....FALL COLORS!

CLICK TO ENLARGE so you can see the teensy stitches. Yes, they're handmade, from China, I love 'em!
Gorgeous pillowcases, never used, and although I've had this type before, I've never had them in the blues.....usually they're in a mix of pretty pastels.
I did get some beautiful, yummy, real old and lacey linens too. I'll show you when I can, as well as some other great finds from the weekend.
Now for a bit of nature! I'm amazed at how fast the leaves are turning and dropping all of a sudden! This was taken on the 24th, 3 days ago, early evening and the full moon was rising. Note the GREEN leaves.

This was an attempt the following evening to take a picture of the moon in the dark.......I zoomed too, so the whole thing is pretty grainy, (I really want to learn how!) but I wish you could have been here.
That evening and the last few, at approximately the same time, the geese have been going crazy!
They have been "marshalling"....getting ready for their trip south. Around 8-8:30 p.m. They seem to be in the fields all squaking (sp?) at once, and some flying overhead, maybe going back to where they've been nesting! What a racket......!! I tried to video and get the sound...I did  work, not great, but I caught the noise! this was this morning.........3 days after the first picture, and the sun had just come up...Notice the BARE branches?
This afternoon, now you can really see the change in color in the last few days as well as BARE branches.
And the other pictures don't show just how YELLOW my ash trees have got. They are GREEN 3 days ago.
I fear in another few days I will be looking at naked trees and that means cold weather ahead....Ugh!
Back to work! I have so much to do with the big antique sale starting Wednesday and we might be going away for a few days next week.
I'll be back as soon as I can with more treasures to show you!

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

You know I love linen! Tell the geese to "Come on down" We'll be waiting for them!