Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So much fun at the antique sale today!

We sold piles of goodies!  For the first 2 hours, steady... 2 of us were writing up the bills, while 2 others wrapped and packed, and a few other helpers rearranged and helped carry furniture out the door!
The afternoon gets to a nice steady pace rather than a big rush so we get a chance to have a break and put some more items out and keep the place looking tidy!

outside the Red Shed area of our sale, yummy shabby chippy!
 ...mostly finer china and glass and better furniture in the hayloft of  the barn
 ...more country and shabby vintage on the main floor of the barn...
 When you take part in a sale, you see alot that you love but can't possibly focus on everything!! Some of the items I was writing up........aaacckkk.....I would have bought that red and white enamel teapot which was MINTY for ....yes...$6.00!
Different consignors, different pricing! Some of the stuff went out the door for a song! these metal wheels!
A shabby piece that was in the Red Shed area of the sale.......don't you love it?
If you want to look at a whole bunch of yummy pictures of the sale, go to this link. You will enjoy it for sure!      
Red Barn

and I gotta tell at the sale I sold the mink jacket I bought at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, and it is going all the way to ..................
A very nice gal from Melbourne (originally Sydney) was thrilled with it!
I don't go back to the sale til Friday,  I'll keep you posted.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Unexpected treasures from the button box!

I can't ever resist the jars, tins, and boxes of buttons at a garage sale!
This tin full came from my first garage sale of the day on Saturday, along with a couple of bits of trim.
Resting my weary feet tonight, I started sifting through the box, putting aside the more interesting buttons.
Halfway down I started finding these exquisite little black carved glass buttons!
Tiny, and with the most intricate detail in the glass! I think they are at least 100 years old!
The largest of these is upper left and is an irredescent carnival glass type of button with what looks like a moose..see below! The camera didn't catch the purples and greens of the glass.

Then there were these! Shiny black glass with gold trim!

Not exactly the crown jewels, but part of a ring, engraved B.L. from M.S.......10 KT, not exactly enough gold to retire on........and another black onyx with initial ring...the back part is quite squashed.
Does anyone read Latin? I think that's what it is. There were about 5 of these old metal shank buttons.
So never know what you will find in one of those button boxes.

I also found some neat old beads and quite a few interesting buttons once I started digging through.

It was like an archeological dig.  The deeper the layer, the older the buttons!
It must have gone undisturbed and just added to over the years.

Now.........go look at my friend Carol's post  over at THE POLKA DOT CLOSET
You won't believe her unexpected thrift store find!

A couple of Vintage linens from Saturday's Garage Sales

I need a break from taking pictures, listing on Ebay, and the 3 loads of wash I just did. is a quick post. I did get some nice linens on the weekend and just trying to list a few on Ebay and picked a couple of things I didn't have to wash and iron.

These are adoreable!! The little doilies/coasters!

The pillowcases are lovely too, but I've had this type before, but never the little pieces and in such gorgeous colors.....FALL COLORS!

CLICK TO ENLARGE so you can see the teensy stitches. Yes, they're handmade, from China, I love 'em!
Gorgeous pillowcases, never used, and although I've had this type before, I've never had them in the blues.....usually they're in a mix of pretty pastels.
I did get some beautiful, yummy, real old and lacey linens too. I'll show you when I can, as well as some other great finds from the weekend.
Now for a bit of nature! I'm amazed at how fast the leaves are turning and dropping all of a sudden! This was taken on the 24th, 3 days ago, early evening and the full moon was rising. Note the GREEN leaves.

This was an attempt the following evening to take a picture of the moon in the dark.......I zoomed too, so the whole thing is pretty grainy, (I really want to learn how!) but I wish you could have been here.
That evening and the last few, at approximately the same time, the geese have been going crazy!
They have been "marshalling"....getting ready for their trip south. Around 8-8:30 p.m. They seem to be in the fields all squaking (sp?) at once, and some flying overhead, maybe going back to where they've been nesting! What a racket......!! I tried to video and get the sound...I did  work, not great, but I caught the noise! this was this morning.........3 days after the first picture, and the sun had just come up...Notice the BARE branches?
This afternoon, now you can really see the change in color in the last few days as well as BARE branches.
And the other pictures don't show just how YELLOW my ash trees have got. They are GREEN 3 days ago.
I fear in another few days I will be looking at naked trees and that means cold weather ahead....Ugh!
Back to work! I have so much to do with the big antique sale starting Wednesday and we might be going away for a few days next week.
I'll be back as soon as I can with more treasures to show you!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Garage Sale Finds Galore!

What a Saturday I had! This table full was from just one GREAT sale! It was an estate sale and I didn't go early either!
The weather was wonderful after alot of cold, cloudy this last week, and I was just taking my time and enjoying the scenery! I took off in a different direction and was I glad! Out on a country route!
I'm going to keep that little chintz sugarbowl too, it's so sweet, I'll fill it with something and place it on the dresser.
Rhinestones!! That's a Weiss set..the blue...I didn't know til I got home, I was so busy making a pile on the grass!
The picture is definitely a keeper!
Gawsh! How could I leave that old mink stole behind! It's kinda creepy but it isn't going to live in my house for too long.
The prices were cheap and I did find some chips on the odd piece when I started the cleanup, but all in all it was a great haul!
....and that was only from one sale...I picked up a number of great things at a few other sales too! Will show you a bit at a time, I'm so busy getting ready for the big sale this week!
I hope you all found lots of treasures this weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Setting up the antique sale

Today I was over to the Red Barn to take a few more things and help set up the displays. These pictures were taken inside the barn, upstairs and downstairs and believe only see the tip of the iceberg! I'll try to post more pics soon!

There's that railway lamp I picked up a couple of weeks ago alongside some old snowshoes.
This cupboard is painted the loveliest soft green!
GREAT old sign!
Someone who collects this type of glass is going to be VERY happy to find these pieces!
Up to the hayloft....great furniture and more!
ok.......see the fur jacket upper right? One of my garage sale finds for........$1.00....we believe it's MINK!!..and in great shape!
I have NEVER seen such a gorgeous old brass bed....that is GLASS in the headboard and there's another panel in the footboard!!
And my old wooden chest on its stand........I painted it and gave it a crackle finish about 10 years ago.
I brought that over today. I decided to let it go. Let someone else enjoy it.
Well, gotta go and dig around for more to take over to the sale, it starts next Wednesday and goes til the Sunday. I always find things that I wanted to sell after it's over!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My dolly in the trunk! I'm getting ready for an antiques sale

I will be glad when October comes! So much is going on all the time and I've been running all summer with one thing or the other! (mostly by choice, so, nobody to blame but ME!).

Well, golf finishes this week, and last day at the farmers market too......then the next thing on my agenda is taking part in the antique sale I do every year at a girlfriends place in the country. We have a big RED BARN and MORE to fill up!

So....I'm deciding to part with a few of my own things and gathering up anything I've picked up through the summer to sell, and pricing and packing it up for the sale that's on in a couple of weeks.

Did you ever think you wanted to have a doll collection? I did, ....a long time ago, and they complemented my decorating at the time and I loved them!  I almost forgot about this sweetie! Bought at a garage sale of course! I even made her dress MYSELF!! That was waaaay back....when I used to actually use my sewing machine!
She's really old, fully jointed, and she wears a wig! Over 100 yrs old but unmarked, she has glass eyes, open mouth and all!
Well! She's going on an an antique sale...
She will find a new home! She will be loved and displayed, not hidden in a trunk!

I've had her long enough and my sweet grandaughter is 9 and is just not a doll girl...
although she's a real little doll!

She was in this lovely old wooden trunk that sits on a  stand....(mennonite I was told when I bought it years back)'s going too! It's really in my way and I usually have the top covered up with JuNk and never look in it or use the storage for anything but things I don't need or use. The doll was the only good thing in it!
The trunk even has this huge key.......
but I have to let it go...yes I do....I know it is a beauty...but has to go..
yes... I've made up my mind....
........I think....
This was a good find  last weekend. No market...too cold and windy, so I got to garage sale and first thing I got was this old railway switch weighs a ton! Marked too....CPR ...for Canadian Pacific Railway (?Railroad?)

Best deals were on Friday really great sale just down the road. everything was 1.00 and she had a garage full!!! I got a vintage fur jacket in perfect condition for $1.00!!It will go to the sale.

Lots of jewelry, all kinds of things for resale on Ebay or Etsy.
Well, .....back to cleanin' and packin'
oooooh....I just previewed and this is waaay too long a post!  sorry!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elvis pins, Garage Sale Find, and Apple Pie!

I got to create!............ an order for 6 Elvis pins, to be worn at a big Elvis fan gathering next spring. A farmers market customer........hope she likes them! 6 gals meet up to rock and roll and she wants one for each of them including herself!

A one and only find this last week, no sales for me on Saturday, I went to do the farmers market, but I managed to pick this up on Friday (for a song!!) on my way back from grocery shopping. It's a round crochet tablecloth, like new! I put it on Ebay, the auction ends on Monday...(already a bid, surprising as Ebay has been desperately SLOW for months! )
Only a couple more Wednesday night golf games. We have to start at 5:30 now, as it's getting dark earlier and we want to finish our 9 holes while we can still see the ball!
Taken last week.......sun is starting to go down and still one hole to go!
The flower bed is getting tired looking but there's still some color there to enjoy. The apple tree right behind the flowerbed is bare now, had to pick what was left on the tree before the WASPS got at them!
Many buckets of apples have come off of that tree and I have lots of peeled, chopped apples in the freezer for pies, apple crisp and muffins .
I really do NOT enjoy baking, but made a few pies and apple crisp the other day. I usually buy frozen pie shells, but this time made my own........hmmmm.....I know now why I buy frozen pie shells! What a mess I had in the kitchen! Pie was really good though, better than the frozen shells!
YES, that really is apple husband likes the apples chopped fine with lots and lots of cinnamon!
I made 38 pints of these Crisp Pickle Slices and at least 50 quarts of dills! If I didn't give away most of them I'd only have to make about 5 pints and 10 quarts!
I am done, done, done and glad it's fall......just stop fall from going into winter and I'll be very happy!
off to golf shortly..........have a great evening!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Time? Time to play for a challenge!

Well, I don't really have time to play these days,  but I made this digital collage one late night last week, I haven't "PLAYED" with photoshop for weeks, more like months!
I started off to make a collage that I wanted to use for a project I was thinking of, but ended up with this! particular reason, it just HAPPENED!...
 I just filed it and today, after not logging on to blogger all week thought I'd check on a few challenges and lo and behold! There was one on TIME over at Soartful
So here is my first challenge piece in months!
It was good to PLAY and CREATE!