Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yummiest vintage linens, favorite filet lace!

I just love filet crochet work! It has always been a favorite and I just washed and ironed the two pieces pictured, what a pleasure to revive them!
The piece above is just gorgeous and I wish I had a place for it but it will end up on ebay. I think it was meant for a long sofa back but I would love to see it hung as a valance! I love the design of the bluebirds and the roses and bows!

Yummy.........sorry I had to lay it on the floor to be able to get above it and take a picture.

Another beautiful piece of filet crochet, this one so fine and delicate! It's a small square, you know, for a parlor table or similar small table. The detail is wonderful!
Just thought I'd share these pics, I know I love going to other blogs and drooling over vintage linens and lace!
Meanwhile..........back at the kitchen.......seems I'm either picking or pickling these days! Glad I took that little bit of time yesterday to do up a couple of my linens!


Chris said...

You busy girl! those pickles are a gorgeous green. Love that lace.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Lucy, I love vintage linens also! thanks for stopping by, when I took the upholstery class i thought I might do some, then I realized how difficult it is, those upholsterers sure earn their money. Getting published was a really big kick, my 15 minutes of fame LOl I would love home pickled pickles!