Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a weather change and a monarch butterfly

I want to put the heat on! From sweltering humid hot days this week to rain and low temps.......
The farmers market yesterday was windy,cloudy, and we did get a few showers, but the turnout was good and we managed to get packed up in record time before the real rain started!
I captured this picture Friday after seeing this butterfly coming back and forth to my purple cone flowers. I had to sneak up on it and only got the one shot before it fluttered away, but it turned out decent!
I stood still waiting for it to return, but no luck! The bee took over the territory!

We had Kiera for dinner and a visit through the evening. It was one of those gorgeous summer evenings,no wind, comfortable temperature, so we just had to take a walk up the road and round the corner to the little playpark. Oh, what energy..........Kiera must have swung back and forth on that piece of playground equipment at least 75 times!

We let her sneak an apple from the tree overhanging a fence by the park. I know, I know......but there were tons of them laying on the ground, the owners were certainly not picking them!

The little playpark is right beside this creek that runs through our development.

We would have loved a walk on the footpath, but the mosquitoes were starting up so we headed for home!

I zoomed in on the ducks  swimming around in the creek.
And another shot of the bumblebee that I just could not get blogger to move to the top....!
Rainy day, so maybe I'll get something done inside.
Happy Sunday!


Chris said...

Great pics Lucy! there doesn't seem to be a happy medium for weather. I laughed at the apple picking. One time I got stuck in a tree and the owner of the tree had to lift me out. He wasn't upset but said just ask. That's no fun. for him to lift me out the tree couldn't have been as big as I imagined (lol)

Cathy said...

Ohhh how I long for some rain and cooler temps! It is soooo HOT here today! In fact I think it is suppose to be 105...Thank the Lord for working AC! Blessings, Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Lucy I am so jealous, Heat! It is so hot here and probably will be until November, I cannot wait for a cool day. It has been a hot summer even for Florida. thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Lucy, thank you so much for your lovely comment ! Same here, summer is more busy outside than blogging, actually it's raining now for a week, hope we will have a wonderful September sun. Your photos are splendid, and the one you took with the butterfly just awesome, each is a little piece of eternity, thank you for these treasure marvels of life ! wish you a great day, hugs

vintagesusie & wings said...

As usual friend...Great Pics!!! It makes me feel like I'm taking the walk with you & Kiera...watching her play & who could resist one of those bright red delicious apples. That's what summers are made of as a child...priceless Grandma!